Google’s Upcoming Projects That Might Give The World A New Direction

Started as a simple search Engine project Backrub (Google’s early prototype) in Stanford by Larry and Sergey, Google has grown to a whole new level today. It is the most used search engine worldwide and it is consistently making improvements in its algorithms and designs to enhance the user experience. The driving force behind the creation of Google was to make searching on web more relevant and easier. In all these years, Google has always stuck to its main goal which is to make our life better and easy. Google inc has launched many other products during this time, including the world-famous mobile operating system Android, the blogging platform blogger. These two projects have made lives of millions more convenient than ever before. New ideas are presented in Google laboratories everyday. Some are based purely on imagination while others are presented after analyzing people’s needs. Here are some of the Google’s upcoming projects’ list, that might give this world a whole new direction.

Project Loon

The invention of internet has made this world a true global community. It’s much easier to stay in contact with the rest of world now. Although internet facility has reached many parts of world, there are so many countries and certain areas that are deprived of this facility. Internet can become a source of income for someone or a source of research projects. There are no limits to what one can make use of it. Google is planning to launch internet balloons in the sky, which will provide fast internet to two-third of the world population. There’s no telling where thins project will go and what will be overall consequences. However, we are sure that project loon will be a big step-forward in connecting the whole world.

Google Glass

Do you remember all those science fiction movies where a geeks must be wearing special kind of goggles which will record, analyze or do anything you want directly from the glass. It can bring out any piece of information you ask for, or make calls, send texts, share your moments, navigate you in real-time, translate foreign languages by transforming the word written on any surface. All of it might seem a bit to fantasized but Google has made it possible already. You can install Word Lens application on your Android smartphone and experience how awesome Google Glass is going to be.

Google glass is one of the oldest and near-to-completion projects of Google. It has been tested by many researchers, journalists and developers around the globe. Google glass is a small device that will fit with your regular glasses and make your daily tasks much easier. Have a look at different models of Google glass here. You can also attach a pair of headphones if you want to listen to music or make a call or watch a clip on Google glass. It has been tested by a surgeon as well, which ended it better explaining of the surgery directly from the eye of doctor. It has been worn by Tennis players, cyclists and normal citizens. Google is still collecting data from its beta programme explorers which helps Google improve their product. There’s no telling when it will available for everyone, but it seems to be closer that we think. If you are an US resident, you might be able to get your hands on one of them. Visit this link to get one.

Project Ara

Project Ara is, as Google states “Designed exclusively for 6 Billion people”. Every smartphone user is aware of the fact that these gadgets have taken a very important places in their lives. Practically, it is impossible to deal without it. Our daily work depends on it. Ironically, 6 Billion people are still deprived of a smartphone. Project Ara targets that particular population. First let’s have a look at how it works.

Project Ara is a modular smartphone. Unlike a regular smartphone, you can replace every part of the phone. The main board of the phone will remain the same but you can fit different modules, having different functions in the spaces given. For example, you can add a module for screen with resolution of 720p and then add three modules for battery, one for a 5 MP camera sensor and one for a speaker. The good thing is that you can change them whenever you want. You can build a phone in your budget and improve the same phone later. Project Ara prototypes have been presented earlier but it is not available to anyone else yet. If you are a developer and want to contribute in this project, feel free to visit its site.

Smart Contact Lenses

It’s not all about tech and numbers in Google labs. Actually, they also care about your health. Google has started experimentation on a new type of lens which can monitor glucose level in blood in real-time. Normal glucose level monitoring includes pricking a finger and testing the blood by a small gadget. Since it is a painful method, people always try to avoid it.

A diabetic patient cannot ignore his blood glucose levels anytime. The fluctuations can be very disturbing and unexpected. The patient has got to monitor it closely every minute. Smart Lense will take the glucose level reading from the tears. The diabetic person will wear it all the time and if there’s unexpected increase in glucose levels, it will notify using a small LED. It is still in experimentation. If this project becomes successful, it will be a breakthrough in world of medical science.

Self Driving Car

The concept of a self driving car has been shown in many fiction films over the years. Many researchers have tried to make one but none seems to be much successful. The main problem is how the car will tackle the actual human signs and gestures in real world. It is not so easy for a computer to understand each and every sign like a human does. Google is constantly improving its present algorithms to make the computer more brilliant than ever.

The latest self driving car by Google was able to roam in the streets freely and understood the signs of people passing by. The experiment went by without a hitch. It was a great success since it will completely revolutionize the traffic of overly crowded cities. You will no longer have to worry about the parking space for your car. It can handle it all for you. Also, it will strictly follow the traffic rules, minimizing the chances of accidents. We hope to see this project turned into reality in near future.

Google Fiber

google fibre download speed

This image easily explains what Google fibre is all about. Google fibre aims to provide internet speeds of up to 1000 MBps. That is 100 times more than an average broadband connections. It can download a HD movie in just 7 seconds. Google fibre will also provide HD TV, TV recording and 1 TB of cloud storage. Your Nexus device will be the remote. Basically, it will save your time, make the viewing experience brighter and clearer. If you own Android device already, everything around will feel so much connected and easy to use.

Google is planning to make the lives of people more connected and convenient. All of the projects described above are forged from the imagination of a better world than what today is. What are your thoughts about these projects? Share with us in the comments below.

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