Google’s Project Ara, the modular phone will reach developers this fall

Well guys, after multiple delays, apparently Google’s Project Ara modular smartphones are on the verge of being shipped. The anxiously awaited device will be available for developers this fall, however customers would be able to get their hands on the smartphone somewhere in next year. The news has been outed by none other than Google itself via a brand new promo video for its Project Ara. The video outlines the pros of the modular design while it does seems like some small modules could be easily lost.


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According to the search giant, they now have ” all the key components of the platform”, which is further confirmed by various sources which claim that around 30 of Google’s employees are already using Ara prototypes in place of their primary smartphones. The company also mentioned that the developer edition (coming this fall) will sport 5.3-inch screen while it’ll be powered by none other than Android OS, no surprise there.

Let’s have a look at the design elements of the modular Project Ara. Contrary to the rumors we have been hearing in the past, the “phone technology” which covers the chipset, battery and display won’t be part of any module. This means that these hardware components will be fixed part of the Ara’s frame and you won’t be able to swap them with another, at least for now. However, there will be six different swappable modules available on the back, all of which have similar connectors. This means that the modules can be placed anywhere that suits you. In addition to that, the ejecting of modules is digitally controlled. In other words, you might even be able to eject your camera module by just saying ” OK Google, eject the camera”, Cool isn’t it.

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