Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, Rumors Round-Up

With Google all set to launch its signature phones Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in October, a lot of rumors have been rolling in the market regarding what the phone would be and what it won’t be. Here’s a roundup of all the rumors so far;


Rumor # 1: HTC Would Be The Manufacturer Of Pixel 2 And Pixel XL 2

The “muskie” and “walleye” would be manufactured by HTC with slight design changes and upgradation than the previous pixel models. Seems as if Google has put too much interest into HTC for its high end smartphones manufacturing. The leaks showed that the general specs of the phones are going to be Qualcomm SnapDragon 835 processor, The Pixel 2 walleye would be slightly smaller in size with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. The screen would most likely be around 5 inches along with the display resolution of 1080.

Rumor #2: LG To Manufacturer A Pixel Phone

Later in the June, 2017, the rumor got spread that Google has nullified the production of the bigger Pixel XL 2 muskie for the production of an altogether new pixel phone which would be manufactured by LG now.

Rumor #3: A Live Photo Of Pixel 2 Was Leaked

By the month of August, 2017, a full fledge photo got leaked which contained the Pixel 2 phone. According to the image; the phone had lesser glass and bore striking similarity with the 5 inch pixel phone with a bigger module for the camera.

Rumor# 4: Front Facing Dual Stereo Speakers Would Be On The Pixel 2

The image leaked showed that a headphone jack on the regular size, Pixel 2 phone would be 3.5mm and rather a front facing dual stereo speakers would be added. This is being anticipated as not really a good shot.

Rumor #5: Pixel 2 Would Adopt HTC Edge Sense Sides Squeezing Feature

While passing through the FCC, which is a certified telecom regulator based in US, a few leaks confirmed that the Pixel 2 would be definitely manufactured by HTC and that HTC has also incorporated its Edge Sense’s side squeezing feature to the phone. What for? This has yet to be seen.

Rumor #6: Three Pixel Phones!

Yes, the rumor spread in March that Google would potentially be releasing three pixel phones. This confirmed at least that the “muskie” is staying! The third phone is codenamed as “taimen” and LG would be its manufacturer. A press render, Android Police released an image of the designed phone based on their findings and its safe to say that it looks more or less like LG’s V30. Taimen is the XL version of Pixel 2.

Rumor#7: Google Has Summoned The LG Display For OLED Production

Google has decided to invest billions of bucks for the manufacturing of the OLED displays, which is the future of mobile displays, to compete with Samsung displays. And for this job they have chosen to sign a contract with none other than LG Display, which is different than the LG Electronics, the latter is the part of the former.

Rumor # 8: Bezel-Less Design Is The Real Deal

Google along with LG has decided to adopt the bezel-less design to its maximum (not entirely) to keep its smartphone production game strong for the year of 2017.

Rumor# 9: Pixel 2 And Pixel XL 2 Has Some Exciting Additional Pack Of Hardware Features

News have it that some of the additional features added to the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 includes an HTC U11 like squeeze feature both at the On and OFF screen which would summon the Google Assistant. An interactive notification would be allowed to compliment the OLED. And that OLED would offer an sRGB color options to make the display an altogether exciting experience. Water Resistance is still on the board to be discovered about the pixel phones.

Rumor# 10: Optical Stabilization And Water Resistance

It was rather confirmed by Google in earlier this September that the pixel phones would have optical stabilization rather electronic stabilization and these phones would have IP68 water resistance feature.

Rumor# 11: An Exclusive Android 8.1 Update For Pixel Users

Just like last year’s strategy, this year around as well Google would be playing with the exclusive availability of Android 8.1 for a few months to pixel users until it’s available to rest of the android users.

Rumor# 12: The Price Tag And Phone Release

The pixel phones are expected to be launched in October at an event. The price bracket would revolve around $649 for Pixel 2 and $749 for Pixel XL 2 like last year. But we’ll have to wait to get this confirmed.


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