Google will manufacture Daydream hardware themselves too

Yesterday in Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, Google held their I/O Keynote 2016 in which they announced various apps and products including a new smart messaging app (Google Allo), a new video calling app (Google Duo), a new Virtual Reality platform (Google Daydream) and a brand new model of its wearable smartwatch platform (Android Wear 2.0). It must also be mentioned that Google announced the first beta version of Android N then and there while the final OS will start rolling out later this summer.

As mentioned earlier, Google announced ‘Daydream‘, a VR ready platform for its upcoming Android N. Daydream has been designed for smartphones, headsets, controllers and of course, app developers. This new release will come as an integral part of the upcoming OS. According to Google, Daydream-certified smartphones and other devices will have to go through certain standards to ensure maximum VR performance delivery. They also mentioned that the new platform will allow smartphone manufacturers and game developers to work alongside Google’s own engineers to create new VR applications, thanks to unified specifications and programming interfaces. Daydream is a venture to utilize new phone hardware, platform-level optimizations, low-latency controllers, and the next-gen of viewing hardware to ensure an amazing VR experience. On the second day of I/O 2016, Google further clarified their plans regarding the Daydream and its own contribution in its hardware.

Google announced that major manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi are already working on Daydream alongside major game developers including Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. In addition to Daydream, Google announced a reference VR headset and a simplified VR remote. This remote comprises of two buttons, one with a touch-sensitive surface and the other with a motion sensor to provide gaming controls and basic navigation


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Based on the announcements mentioned above, it seemed like Google wants independent manufacturers to build Daydream hardware using the reference VR headset and preset standards. However today, Google mentioned that although they themselves will be providing reference designs for Daydream headsets and controllers to other manufacturers, the company will launch their self-made hardware too.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t had any exact information regarding the release date and pricing, however some sources are hinting towards a probable launch in November. So stay tuned for further updates.

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