Galaxy S9 CAD constructed images display a vertical camera, unlike the Note 8

The Galaxy S9 can never have the same design as the Galaxy S8 otherwise there won’t be enough selling points for the buyer to actually have a reason to pick up this bad boy once it becomes available for purchase.

Galaxy S9 CAD constructed images display a vertical camera, unlike the Note 8

Therefore, these latest CAD renderings share light on what we could expect from the upcoming flagship. Since the Galaxy Note 8 featured a dual-camera it is only fitting that both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ get the same treatment, but these renders show something else too.

The position of these camera lenses is much different than what we have seen on the Note 8. The lenses are vertically arranged and because of this change, so is the position of the fingerprint reader. If the fingerprint reader is going to be positioned at a lower section of the flagship body, it will be much easier to access.

You should be reminded that neither the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will feature an in-display fingerprint reader because the technology will not have been developed in time. Instead, we will be seeing this change in the Galaxy Note 8 when it arrives later in 2018, possibly before the unveiling of the next iPhone series.

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Both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ getting dual-camera upgrades will add wonders to the photography score for users. The secondary lens is sure to be a telephoto lens like the one present on the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X, allowing for twice the optical zoom, which captures images and video without any loss in quality.

There isn’t an exact release date of the Galaxy S9 provided, but it is possible that the announcement could take place before MWC 2018.

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