Samsung Galaxy S7/Note 7: Turn Auto-correct On or Off

Auto-correct a handy feature in every Samsung device, but sometimes it becomes a real pain. Auto-correct don’t give your freedom while you are typing an Email, Text Message or Writing anything on your smartphones. In this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Turn Auto-correct On or Off on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7. Before moving on if you write all the words properly and don’t use short hand then there is no need to turn off auto-correct, but if you want to type freely and don’t want any roadblock then follow the steps below.


Samsung Galaxy S7/Note 7: Turn Auto-correct On or Of:

Frist method is a sort of tip, if you don’t want auto-correct keep bugging you while you are typing start adding all of these short words to your device dictionary. There is an option called auto-replacement when it’s on and you type a word it automatically changed the word as device thinks you need it. When you press the space bar it replaces your word with other, tap on that word and replaces it with the one you want it.


  1. Open your home screen, Select Apps.
  2. Select, Settings->“Language and input“.
  3. Now you have to select the Keyboard you are using, Tap on “Samsung keyboard“.
  4. You’ll be in Samsung keyboard settings, Tap on “Smart typing”.
  5. In Smart typing you’ll see a bunch of options, Turn each feature on or off as desired.
  • Predictive text – Words are suggested below the keyboard field.
  • Auto replace – Automatically replace most likely word after space bar is hit.
  • Auto check spelling – Underline spelling errors.
  • Auto spacing – Place spaces in beetween words.
  • Auto puncuate – Insert periods or apostrophes automatically.

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