Fix Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working

Although Samsung has released the Galaxy S8, but the Galaxy S7 Edge is still a beast. Galaxy S7 Edge has helped Samsung earn a lot of respect from the consumers. Galaxy S7 Edge boasts of some features that were never seen on Android phone before. Samsung also improved the edge display on this phone. Galaxy S7 Edge also supports Fast Charging, which is a core feature of Samsung Galaxy phones now. Samsung has advanced enough in this field that it has its Wireless Quick chargers out as well. Fast Charging mode charges this phone within 80 – 95 minutes. That’s too fast, right?

Fast Charging is meant to save your hours that ordinary charging mode takes. To support Fast Charging, Samsung adds this capability to its chargers. A charger that doesn’t have the Fast Charging capability will charge your phone slow. But sometimes, the phone stops charging fast even when there is a Fast Charger connected to it. Now, this quickly brings up a thought in our mind that there is something wrong with the charger, but that’s not the case all the time. There can be something else wrong as well which keeps messing up your phone’s charging speed.

Galaxy S7 Edge owners can apply the methods here to fix Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working issues. The methods have been tested and verified to work on the S7 Edge and also on phones like Galaxy S7 and Galaxy 6. You can try applying these methods one by one and it should work well for you.

Note: To fast charge your phone, your phone and the charger must have the Fast Charging feature.

Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working

Check Fast Charger

First of all, you need to check whether your charger is fine or not. A faulty charger can stop the fast charging functionality. In such a case, you have to replace the charger. Get a new charger that has a Fast Charger tag on it. Ordinary chargers will not charge your phone in the fast charging mode.

UseĀ original data cable or OEM data cable

Fast charging depends pretty much on what kind of cable are you using. Aftermarket cables, which are of low quality, can stop this feature from working. It is always recommended to use an original/OEM data cable to connect your phone to the charger. In case you do not have the original data cable, you can get a close to original data cable from the market. Having a compatible cable will make this feature work again if it was a cable issue at your end.Galaxy S7 Edge Fast Charging Not Working

Plug the USB cable all the way into the charger

At times, we do not plug the USB cord fully into the charger. For the fast charging to work, the USB cable must be tightly plugged into the port of the charger. Leaving a distance between the port and the cable can result in slow charging. Always double check whether the cable is fully inserted into the charger or not.

Wipe Cache Partition of your phone

  • If you think that this is some firmware issue messing up fast charging at your end, you can try clearing the cache partition of your phone to fix such an issue. Here is how to wipe it.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power key to turn it on now. Press these keys simultaneously.
  • As soon as the phone boots up, let the keys go.
  • In the recovery mode now, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition > Yes.
  • Once wiped, reboot your phone. That’s all.

Check your phone’s charging port

If your phone’s charging port is messed up, it won’t let the fast charging feature work. You can check the port and if there is dust in it, use a brush to clean it and try connecting the charger again.


That’s all with the methods we have for you right now. Remember that Fast Charging doesn’t work when you charge your phone with a laptop or try to charge it in your car. Fast Charging needs an appropriate adapter connected with an electricity switch. If you are facing any further issues with your Galaxy S7 Edge, feel free to contact us.

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