Galaxy S6 Edge: More details about the curved side display leak

With the MWC event a few weeks to go the devices which are expected to be a part of the event are under intense scrutiny currently. Samsung’s upcoming flagships are one of those devices, every day we get to hear some interesting report that adds to the pool of information that we already have. To date most of the leaks and reports that we have seen were mostly about Galaxy S6 and at that point we did speculate if the company indeed was planning to get a dual-sided curved variant Galaxy S6 Edge at the MWC, now with the information popping in about the device makes us certain that we will most probably looking at this nifty device next month.

Earlier today we got to see how Galaxy S6 Edge looked like courtesy of a leak that popped out of South Korea. We didn’t get to see the whole mobile but we did get an idea, while talking about these leaks and reports we have to keep this aspect in mind that this is not the finalized product, what Samsung may end up introducing to us maybe different than what we see now. That being said we have some information about the S6 Edge direct from SamMobile, who cite a credible source for the mentioned information.


Leaked image out of South Korea show Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

The latest report confirms that Samsung indeed is working on a dual-sided curved display. We now even have the name confirmed as the company filed the trademark names two days ago. The ‘edge’ screens will be a little different than the one seen in Galaxy Note Edge, as the source says that they will be 30-50 percent less curved than one seen before. The reason stated for this is the smaller size of the Galaxy S6 Edge handset as compared to the Note Edge counterpart and along with that the addition of the side volume and power buttons. Well we don’t know how to look at this development, if the sides would be less curved, how would the final design look? Is Samsung trying to woo back consumers though its features or through the unique design? This and other questions are arising amid this development.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship is turning out to be one interesting product with every tid bit of information that gets added about it every day. We are curious to see what the company has cooked up as these devices mark a significant change from the other devices in this line up. We will have to see if Samsung’s bet with Project Zero pays off or not, but do let us know what are your thoughts about these latest developments.


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