Galaxy Note 8 Is Going To Be A Really Sturdy Smartphone!

We have been discussing the different pros of the talk of the town; Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lately. But what has just been revealed about the phone can completely blow off your mind! Despite being a stylish phone with great functions and predicted to be topping the list of smartphones launched this year, this phone has been said to be as hard as a nail! Yes you heard right. We know that this smartphone is going to come with its signature style i.e. S Pen stylus, and has been receiving applause all over the world already. But, recently JerryRigEverything durability test video uploaded has made it clear that this phone is worth every penny. It is durable and sturdy, and has a great capacity to endure stress as it has been proven through the video.

Source: Android Authority

JerryRigEverything is a popular YouTube channel which is known for testing various phones for their stress endurance.  Samsung’s Note 8 has thus passed the test with flying colors, and has been successful in remaining intact after the stress. In the famous bend test, the phone’s screen didn’t show any signs of break or crack. The Galaxy Note 8 is as hard as a rock, and has proven its worth.

Source: Komputer Swiat

Being protected by the classic and sturdy Gorilla Glass 5 combined with a protective coat of the Corning’s protective coating, this phone has been up to our expectations so far. The phone was made to suffer all kinds of pressure, with knives and hammers, and we duly salute the patience of the phone in this regard.

Source: Komputer Swiat

We can thus fairly conclude that the Note 8 has been performing according to our expectations, thus impressing us so far in almost every regard. Note 8 is thus going to be unprecedented in every way! More power to it!

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