How to flash factory firmware on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus [Factory reset]

Is something going wrong with your new Galaxy S8’s software? Don’t worry. As long as it’s not a hardware related issue, you can always fix your phone by flashing a stock firmware. To fix software issues, there are many tips and tricks available. Flashing a stock firmware to restore your device should be the last choice since it wipes your data and everything.

It’s very easy to flash factory firmware on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus using Odin. This process is completely manual. It will not void the warranty of your device or affect any other aspect of it. By installing a factory firmware, you can factory reset your device. It will be a completely new device after installing a new stock software. If your phone was previously rooted, then flashing stock firmware will unroot it.

There are many reasons that will make you want to restore stock firmware on your new S8 device. Suppose your device is stuck in a bootloop or stuck at the Samsung logo screen, and there is no way out. The only solution to go with is the installation of new software on your device. If the device is soft-bricked and it’s not booting up, you can always install the firmware and fix it.

Manually installing the firmware is also useful when a higher version of Android has rolled out in another country and you want to install it immediately using a manual procedure.

A few things to consider before proceeding

  1. This guide is applicable on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus only. You can use this for any variant of the phones.
  2. Charge your phone up to 70% prior to the installation process.
  3. Use your device’s original data cable to establish a connection between your phone and your PC.
  4. Enable USB debugging mode and OEM unlocking on your phone.
  5. Backup all your important contacts, call logs, text messages, WhatsApp folder, and media content.
  6. This process will factory reset your device. Make sure that you backup everything beforehand.
  7. Disable Samsung Kies while you are using Odin3.
  8. Download the firmware files for your device carefully.

Flash factory firmware on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Required downloads

  1. Download and install Samsung USB drivers.

  2. Download Odin3 3.12.5 and extract it on your computer’s desktop.

  3. Also, Download the firmware for your phone through this page.

Note: Download the firmware carefully according to your region/country. Do not download a carrier-branded firmware for a non-branded device. If you are unable to find the firmware for your region, you can download the firmware of the closest possible region and flash that instead.

Installing stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus now

  1. Extract the downloaded firmware folder to get the firmware.tar and other files.
  2. Open Odin3.exe now. In Odin, click on the AP tab and select the firmware.tar file. The file takes a few minutes to load. Let Odin load it completely.
  3. Now in Odin, click on the BL tab and load the BL file that you got from the extracted folder.
  4. Similarly, click on the CP tab and load the CP file.
  5. Click on the CSC tab and load the Home_CSC file in it.
  6. It’s time to connect your S8 in the download mode. Power down your S8 completely. Press and hold Bixby + Volume Down + Power Key to boot into download mode. As soon as the screen comes up with a warning, press Volume Up key to continue.
  7. Now connect your phone to your PC while Odin is open. Odin will show “Added” message in the log box. It will also turn the ID:COM box blue upon successful connection.
  8. Click on the Options button in Odin. The only option checked should be F.Reset.Time. No other option should be checked here.
  9. Now click on the Start button in Odin and let it flash the firmware.
  10. Once the firmware flashing ends, disconnect your phone and turn it on.
  11. It will be all new as it takes you to the menu. Set up your phone from scratch now.

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