Flappy Bird Clone Makes Its Way To Windows Phone

Flappy Bird fever is high at the moment and everyone’s trying to beat their competitors in terms of high score while the game is really tough and one is unable to play it at first. Flappy Bird’s revenue from the ads inside game has went up to $50,000 / day that also helps it to sit atop while the developer claims that he don’t know how his game went this much viral. Flappy Bird is basically a 2D game offering low end graphics, but that really doesn’t matter when you got something challenging and you can’t get your hands off from the game.

The concept of game is quiet simple but yet it’s the toughest game produced ever. You got to flap your bird through the pipes coming upside down and downside up, hitting these pipes will result in ending your game.  There’s a leaderboard system in the game that helps the players to win different medals upon scoring higher and higher. It’s a .Gears Studios game, a small development studio based on Vietnam.

After being the top game on Android and IOS platforms, Flappy Bird might have left a factor of jealousy on Windows Phone owners who are yet to get their hands on this game. It’s expected to hit Windows Phone Store by next week but nothing can be said being sure as off now. Well, while there is no original Flappy Bird available for Windows Phone, a Clone has already entered and is gaining popularity as Flappy Bird. It’s a completely straight forward copy paste, same graphics, same name, everything’s same in the clone. You can checkout the Clone of Flappy Bird here and get it on your Windows Phone while the developer cooks up the original Flappy Bird. At the moment it’s not sure if the developer has the rights to claim the copy rights for Flappy Bird as it has already been accused of copying graphics from some old games, however things will be more clear when the original game hits the Windows Phone. The game is not actually toppling Google Play Store charts, however it’s in the top free apps in the Play Store at the moment while it’s on top in the Apple App Store.

Window phone Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird was released in May, 2013 and the game didn’t get spotlight for quite a long time but suddenly became a viral and most played free game for IOS in January, 2014 and is retaining it’s fever at the moment.Well, let’s see how long it keeps its position firm and how much users it gathers. If you’ve played this game already, do share your experience with us, also don’t forget to share your high score with us 🙂

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