3 Easy Steps to Fix Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Fix Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet. Our pocket computers always go with us wherever we go. From browsing the web,  finding locations and capturing moments to staying in touch with our loved ones, the phones and tablets assist us in every way. But what would you do if some of the most used keys no longer work the same way as they used to? The answer is quite simple, follow the instruction in our guide on how to Fix Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet.

As the time passes, the efficiency of these super computers are affected and sometimes the keys get stuck and so they fail to perform as smoothly as they used to when the device was brand new. However, instead of opting for exchanging or replacing the keys, you can opt for these  Easy Steps to Fix Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet. The reason why the buttons get stuck is because of external deposits of dust, oil and pollution from your hands or the environment so, there is nothing complicated in fixing the issue yourself.


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3 Easy Steps to Fix Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet

To fix your Phone or Tablet stuck buttons, you will need Q-tips, canned air duster and isopropyl alcohol. So now let’s move on to the method.

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the deposits of dust from the sides of the button. To do so, make sure that you turn off the device first and remove the battery. Now, dip the Q-tip into isopropyl alcohol just enough to let the Q-tip absorb the alcohol but it should not be dripping.

Use this Q-tip to clean the sides of the buttons, which are bothering you, as deep as possible. Click the button a few times to let stuck deposits come to the surface.

Step 2:

After thoroughly cleaning the button itself, now you need to clean the frame of the buttons. Cleaning the walls that surround the button can be a little tricky. You can effectively clean the frame of the button if you press the button down and then do the cleaning, one side at a time. This will make the Q-tip rather accessible to the frame.

Step 3:

Finally, after you have done the cleaning, use the canned air duster to blow away the remaining deposits from the button and the frame. Hold the nozzle parallel to the button and then blow a few times. Make sure not to push any deposits down into the button frame.

That’s all. Now the stuck button should be free and you will find it more effortless to click it. You might require repeating the process a few times to completely clean the button.

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