Eyeing competition Qualcomm blocks Samsung from selling Exynos chipset

Samsung produces its own Exynos chipset and along with that makes use of Qualcomm’s chipsets too for its devices. Samsung to date has only made use of the Exynos chipset exclusively in their own devices. According to a new report, Samsung tried to sell its Exynos chipset but was blocked by Qualcomm by doing so.

Samsung partnered with Qualcomm for the production of the Snapdragon 835 which makes use of the 10nm fabrication process. Along with that Samsung has the first dibs on the chipset, making it a bit difficult for other OEM’s to get their hand on it.

With Samsung moving to making their Exynos chipset commercial, that would cut into Qualcomm’s business. So, the company pulled off the ‘standard essential patent‘ license to block Samsung from selling the Exynos chipset for 25 years.

Samsung Electronics has been blocked from selling its modem chipsets to other smartphone manufacturers due to a license deal it signed with Qualcomm.

Samsung already is a supplier for different components in the industry, so for Samsung to make such a move is quite logical. Qualcomm eyeing serious competition from Samsung knew that the company would cut into their sales.



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