Everyone Wants a Long Laptop Battery Life..Some Tips to Prolong laptop battery Life

The main function of laptops is to get connected with world and work ,Where ever and when even you want,  but now  some of us spend way long time using laptops. And the only  problem which we all have is that the  laptop has  short Battery’s life. There are always battery issues with laptops..
Everyone Wants best laptop battery And Maintaining laptop battery life is very Important.
External Battery is also very useful to keep in backup when ever you are going somewhere.

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Here Are Few Few Ways to increase Laptop battery life:

Brightness Level OF Screen:

Screen Brightness IS the Most important factor in the Power Consumption OF Battery.
the Lower the Brightness the longer will be the laptop battery  backup time
By decreasing the screen brightness you can save lots of battery life.


Disable Wifi When not in use:

Laptop has a big role in utilizing the battery of your laptop. when ever you are not uing internet like watching movie or playing game turn it off. it is possible to recover 30 to 40 minutes of battery life if you turn it off.


Shut Unwanted Processes Running in the Back Ground:

there are many Unwanted Processes going On Behind the Screen in your Laptop Use Task-manger to kill the.. it helps alot to save the battery backup time.


Keep the battery Port clean:

The battery’s metal plates from where it is connected to Laptop Should be Kept Clean, they  should be cleaned every couple of months with alcohol for the better battery life. It will let your battery to transfer power more efficiently.

Use directly with Charger and remove Battery:

This one is  of the most noted and effected tips, when possible use your laptop charger directly and remove your laptop battery. Apply this for the long time use and good performance too.

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Avoid Over-charging:

Avoid over-charging;  it is neccessary measure, if you want better life for your battery. As we all know over charging is not good for Any Appliance with Battery212654-overcharging-laptop


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