How To Enable The Missing 4G/LTE On Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 8

Samsung introduces multiple variants of all of its flagship devices. These variants include 3G and LTE devices. Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 came up having multiple variants as well, the 3G and LTE variants are there. Some users, who got their hands on the LTE variants of these devices reported that they weren’t able to use or locate LTE connectivity in their devices after they plugged in a 4G/LTE SIM. This can get pretty much frustrating that you spend a whopping amount on an expensive device and you are not able to use 4G/LTE connectivity.  Galaxy S5 SM-G900F users were the ones reporting this issue frequently.

Keeping this issue in view, our friend Dr Ketan came up with a small application, that intelligently activates the missing or disabled 4G/LTE option on the LTE variants of the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4. The application is packed up in 1 MB only, you can install it and it will enable the LTE option without requiring any further treatment. The application supports all variants (missing this connectivity) of the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 running on Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.0 Lollipop. A small deal you will have to compromise for is, you will have to gain the root access on your device first in order to all the LTE Enable application to work properly. Let’s go ahead and learn how you can enable the missing 4G/LTE option on these Samsung Galaxy devices.

Early Preparations

  1. This guide is only intended for Galaxy S5, Note 3 & Note 4.
  2. Your device must be rooted. Follow these guides to root.
    1. Root Galaxy S5
    2. Root Galaxy Note 3
    3. Root Galaxy Note 4
  3. If your LTE is working fine, there is no need to install this application.
  4. Remember that this is not a magic application, this cannot enable LTE on the devices without the LTE support, for example, the 3G variants like SM-N900 of Note 3. The application only activates this feature on the LTE devices which are not detecting it upon inserting in a 4G/LTE SIM.

How To Enable The Missing 4G/LTE On Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 8

  1. Make sure that you have rooted your device and you have inserted in a 4G/LTE enabled SIM card.
  2. Download LTE_Enable_1.0.apk file.
  3. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
  4. Now go to settings > system > security > unknown sources > allow.
  5. Locate the copied APK file on your device, tap it and install it now.
  6. Now open the application from App drawer.
  7. Grant SuperSu rights and wait until the device asks you to reboot.
  8. Once asked for a reboot, reboot your device and the find the 4G/LTE option in settings > connections > networks > more networks > mobile networks > network mode.
  9. You will find the LTE option now and your device should be connected to 4G.
  10. That’s all.


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  • @disqus_ElJkWr7VCc:disqus when you will insert an LTE SIM and you will goto the network mode, the LTE option will automatically appear. Please tell me what device and what model number you’re using.

    • sbarro

      Hi, it’s S5 with LTE SIM Card installed and model number is SM-900FQ.

      • @disqus_ElJkWr7VCc:disqus I’d recommend taking your device to your nearest samsung service center and get this issue resolved.

  • Mir Hamid Fattahi

    Can I use this method for Enabling LTE on Galaxy A5 (A500F) ? I bought A500F and LTE sim inserted but no LTE connection type available on my device!

  • Mir Hamid Fattahi

    I this method applicable for Galaxy A5 (A500F) ??

  • Mir Hamid Fattahi

    Hoora! I used the APK on Galaxy A5 LTE (A500F) and solved my problem… TNX ALOT 🙂

    • @mirhamidfattahi:disqus thatnks for letting us know 🙂 stay connected.

  • @valdis_g:disqus if the issue is in device hardware, they will resolve it for sure. Having the rooted doesn’t mean they won’t even listen.

    • Salman Love

      hello plz help me not working n900 4G how to show

  • Farooq aslam pakistan

    Good job
    My note 3 sm n9005 network lte show yahoo

  • Jean Claverie

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Honestly, my 4g lte wasn’t working for my note 3 and without it it was completely useless. I had to borrow my mom’s old iphone until I stumbled upon this and gave it a try. Super easy and works so well!! Thank you!!!

  • Imran Nazir

    Note Working on my Note 3 Neo Can you Help me ???????????????

    • @disqus_K2TFaiUP1u:disqus The app is designed for the phones listed above. Can’t say anything about the Note 3 Neo. I’ll have a look on some solution for Note 3 Neo and update you.

  • Calin

    Hello. Nice Job . I have one question. I have a note 4 910f and I need the 4G (LTE TDD 38 LTE TD 2600) . As I see only Note4 910g has it. I have the Lte option in network settings but my phone does not connect on 4g. Will this mod help me? Thanks alot

    • @disqus_Ln0l1QfUF5:disqus You can give this MOD a try, it might work with it. best of luck.

      • Calin

        Thanks alot 4 your answer. My phone is brandnew and I want to be pretty sure it will work because I will lose warranty with this mod and other thing.. I spend about 20 hours to install and configure it as I wanted. If I ll start to do this… must be sure. Is there anyone that did it on note 4? Practically I am not sure if my 910f has the hardware possibility to connect on tdd 38 (2600) . I am afraid that it’s possible to unlock the band via software but to lack of hardware. I ve read something similar for galaxy s5.

        • @disqus_Ln0l1QfUF5:disqus Just gave your query a detailed look. This will only work if your phone supports 38 (2600) band, if the hardware doesn’t have this capability, it is highly unlikely that this application will enable it. You will have to confirm first if your hardware supports this band or not. Best of luck.

          • Calin

            Gsmarena listed only the 910g to have 38 band.. 910f seems not to have it. But.. I am not sure if it does not have it or if it’s not unlocked. Maybe I ll better wait for someone else to do the Mod. Someone that does not have guarantee. Thanks Pal.

  • @disqus_jflJcDJna3:disqus SM N900 doesn’t have 4G.

    • Saqib

      Any other option for 4G ?

      • @disqus_jflJcDJna3:disqus the only way to get 4G is to get a 4G enabled smartphone.. you may consider going with the N9005 variant of the Note 3.

  • chris

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon that I ported to Straight Talk..Works fine, but no LTE..will your instructions work on this phone?

  • Sylvia Porter

    hi, i know this is late but i had this same issue on my galaxy s5 for sprint, i tried everything on your list and more, i finally found an old forum listing on sprint and it said that the sim card number(iccid) might be listed wrong in their system, i used the chat on the website, they checked and in fact the iccid number was wrong, so they put it in the right number and now it connects to 4g LTE, hope this helps anybody still having this problem, i almost bought i new phone too, glad i didn’t!

  • @mmohit961:disqus I guess this variant of the S5 is only a 3G variant. it doesn’t have LTE bands. This tutorial won’t help in this case.

  • Manish Kumar

    Not working in my note3 please

  • rishabh desai

    Sir i have note 4 sprint model SM-N910P Which works on marshllow anroid version 6.0.1 m using this phone in india but m not getting 4g signal so these above steps help me to start 4g data service in my handset or not

  • Philip Morris Intl

    cannot navigate to next page .please help

  • imran khan

    hello i got a samsung note 3 neo device.does this trick work on my phone too?
    i have not rooted my device yet.kindly help

  • @nippypreet:disqus Nope, if your phone’s hardware doesn’t have it, software can do nothing at all. No, you cannot replace any parts.

  • jonathan chai

    hi mine is Samsung galaxy A5 , it has no LTE/WCDMA/GSM options..pls help

  • asalt amith

    hello sir samsung e7 4g support or no tell me

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