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Youtube Go is an offline streaming solution for all youtubers. The new application by Google simple enables the users to save videos offline on their device. Users can watch the saved videos without any internet connection anywhere anytime. The idea of Youtube Go is not only to provide the offline streaming, but also to consume the least amount of data to stream these videos. Youtube Go asks the users about what quality of video do they want to stream on their phone, what amount of data bucket do they want Youtube Go to consume. Youtube Go is in its beta stages, its APK is also out now. If you have been longing for a download feature in the Youtube application, Youtube Go may be the thing you’ve been looking for.

Introducing YouTube Go ? A brand new app to download, enjoy and share videos…bina data udae!

✔️️ Find a world of videos: ? songs, ? movies, ? TV shows, ? comedy, ? fashion, ? cooking, ?️ how-to’s and many, many more!
✔️️ Download and watch your favorite videos
✔️️ Instantly share videos – no data used to transfer
✔️️ Search for any video and discover new videos
✔️️ Only 8.5MB app size

Ab mazze udao, data nahi! ?

? Control Your Data! ₹
– Choose to download or stream
– Preview videos before you download or watch
– Choose how many MBs you spend on videos

? Share Videos Instantly! ?
– Share with friends and family nearby
– Video transfer uses no data
– Super fast speed: send videos in seconds
– Once received, a quick 15KB internet security check allows you to play the video

? Download Videos! ⬇️️
– Download videos to your phone or SD card
– Play them without buffering
– Watch them anytime, anywhere – even with slow or no internet connection
– Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost

? Super Fast! Less Phone Hang! ?
– No more worrying about phone hanging
– Made to work with less storage and slow speeds
– Works on older Android versions back to Jellybean (Android 4.1)

YouTube Go – Maximize your fun without eating up your data! ?

Youtube Go is already available for free in the Play Store. The application is on the roll in several regions all across the world. If you are unable to find it at your end, you may find the APK file a little helpful. You can now download Youtube Go APK and then install it on your Android smartphone by following the instructions listed below.

Download Youtube Go APK

  1. Download Youtube Go APK.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone or download it directly on your phone.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  4. Select “Package Installer” if prompted.
  5. All “Unknown Sources” if required.
  6. Complete the installation and access the app through app drawer.
  7. That’s all!
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