Download Warship Rising for PC – Windows and Mac

Captain, the sea is calling for you. Enemy ships have invaded your area and your ships are in danger. The fleets in the sea require a trained captain to help them defend the area now. There is a team of 10 fleets stuck right in the middle of the sea. You have to take care of your battleship now. Other battleships are going to help you. You are not going to be the lone warrior in the ocean. Take complete control of your battleship, set up your weapons and aim at the enemies. Shoot them right when you see them and keep sinking your battleship as far and as long as you can. The warfare in the sea is going to be different, and it’s also going to be dangerous. The game also offers real-time multiplayer mode. A team of 10 fleets can play against another team of 10 fleets. Co-operate with other commanders to show them your loyalty. If you have to cross your limits for the sake of defending your country, do not hesitate. Global battles are also waiting for you. Enhance and upgrade your ship to ensure that it’s up to the standards for the battles. Master all the routes as they will help you to escape when you are unable to afford the enemy attack. Warship Rising is a free game. It’s available for Android OS. To play this game on a bigger screen, you can install it on a computer as well.

Warship Rising for PC can be easily installed and play on a computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10, MacOS and Mac OS X. In order to download Warship Rising for PC, you have to install BlueStacks for Mac and BlueStacks 3 for Windows. Let’s go through the easy and simple steps to install Warship Rising for PC now.

Download Warship Rising for PC

  1. Download, install and setup BlueStacks 3 on your computer.
  2. In BlueStacks 3, click on “My Apps” tab.
  3. Now go to “System Apps > Google Play Store”.
  4. In Google Play Store, type the name of the application i.e. Warship Rising and search it.
  5. As soon as Warship Rising appears in the search results, open it and install it.
  6. Once the installation comes to an end, Warship Rising will appear in the My Apps section. It will also appear as a shortcut on your computer’s desktop.
  7. You can open Warship Rising now. Follow on-screen instructions to run it within BlueStacks 3. That’s all.

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