How to download Netflix video on iPhone or Android [ Tutorial ]

Netflix is the biggest online hub to watch online movies, TV shows, Seasons and much more. Since Netflix can be watched in more than 130 countries, I think it’s time to tell you people that, you can download Netflix videos on your PC and smartphones. But before moving on let me remind you that Netflix don’t allow to watch content offline or download any content. However it’s possible and in the following guide i’ll show you how to download Netflix video and watch it on any iPhone or Android.

First you’ll need a screen recorder, you can find many free and paid software like CamStudio, Audial Moviebox, Camtasia and Screencast-O-Matic. In the following guide i’ll be using CamStudio to record Netflix Video, now let’s tell you how you can download Netflix Video on iPhone and Android.

download netflix video

How to download Netflix video on iPhone or Android [ Tutorial ]:

  • First download Camstudio on Pc. Its available for Windows.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed CamStudio, open Netflix in your browser and by default camstudio will record fixed region. In order to recored full screen click on Region menu select Full Screen.
  • Now click on option menu and select Record audio from speakers.
  • Before starting the recording you have to do one more step, click on option->Program Options > ‘Minimize program on start recording. It will automatically minimze Camstuido once your recording starts.
  • Now hit the red button on Camstuido to start the recording, open Netflix page and start the movie or Tv show you want to record. Also enable the full screen on your browser.
  • When your movie or Tv show episode is finished, head back to Camstudio and stop the recording.
  • Now you can save the recorded video where ever you want, once its saved you can easily transfer it to iPhone or your Andorid device to watch offline.

All Done.

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