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Getting out of the bed early morning is something more than hard. We all use alarms, but the ordinary alarms sometimes do not work and we fall asleep again. If there’s something interesting to do right when we wake up, then getting out of the bed can get much more easy. Microsoft seems to have taken notice of this thing and came up with a new application.Mimicker 2

Mimicker Alarm is a new Microsoft application that just came up a day ago. The application wakes you up by doing some sort of mimicry. It will either require you to speak something written on the screen,  capture a selfie or the application will simply ask you to leave your bed. The mimicry game makes the best possible use of your surroundings to wake you p. It might give you some real-time task that you’ve to complete and that’s how you will get out of the bed. The given task has to be completed in a limited time span. If you fail to complete the task, the application will assume that you’ve fallen asleep once again and it will start ringing the alarm.

Here’s what Microsoft has explained about this application.

Features include:
* First run experience to help you learn the app
* Alarm customization for time, day, ringtone, snooze and Mimic
* Multiple Mimics to wake up with: Match the expression, capture the color, complete the tongue twister, or shuffle between all three
* Personalized images you can share with friends after each alarm

Mimicker Alarm is a Microsoft Garage Project and we built using Microsoft Project Oxford, a platform of artificial intelligence APIs. The Emotion API is used to power Express yourself – a game that requires you to mimic the emotion listed, the Speech API is used to listen to your attempt at our tongue twister challenge, and the Computer Vision API is used to analyze colors in a photo for our color capture Mimic. Mimicker Alarm works best when connected to the internet, but you are not required to be connected in order to use our app.

Images, audio, video, or other data that you upload when using Mimicker are sent to Project Oxford APIs in order to support the fun interactive activities included in the app. The data you upload, along with anonymous usage data may be used by Microsoft for service improvement purposes. To protect your privacy, we do not use any of the uploaded data to identify or contact you. For more information about Microsoft privacy policies, see our privacy statement.

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on Mimicker Alarm application or if it hasn’t appeared in the Google Play Store at your end, you may want to grab the APK file of this application. We’ve pulled out the latest Mimicker Alarm APK and linked it right here. You can go ahead and download the Mimicker Alarm APK and install it as well using the instructions listed below.

Download Mimicker Alarm APK for Android

  1. Download Mimicker Alarm APK | Google Play Store link.
  2. Copy the Mimicker Alarm APK file to your phone.
  3. Now on your phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources > check it.
  4. Now using a file manager, locate Mimicker Alarm APK and tap to install it.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to install the application.
  6. Once done, access the application from the app drawer and start using it.
  7. That’s all. Best of luck.
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