Download Fly GPS 4.0.5 – 5.0.5 APK

There is no fun in playing by the rules and if you are an Android users then you have special privileges when it comes to mods and hacks. Pokemon Go shattered the records when it was launched but to play Pokemon Go you have to work hard, but thanks to the hard working developer we have many apps which helps us while playing Pokemon Go.


Yesterday I’ve posted an article regarding Tutuapp Pokemon Go Android and I’ve mentioned about an app called Fly GPS which allows you to spoof location on Pokemon Go and gives you the joystick. Fly GPS is available on Google Play but not in all regions that’s is why I am making this post, you can download the latest Download Fly GPS 4.0.5 APK from the following links.

Fly GPS 4.0.5 APK:

Following is the details about what’s new in Fly GPS 4.0.5 version.

** Joystick mode active (movement mode) **
# Developer mode setting #
1. Preferences – Cell info – Software info – Build number (7 clicks) – Developer mode activated.
2. Preferences – Developer option – Allow mock location or mock location app selection (FlyGPS) – Use app.

Download and install Fly GPS 4.0.5 APK:

  1. Download Fly GPS 4.0.5 apk.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone or download it directly on your phone.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  4. Select “Package Installer” if prompted.
  5. All “Unknown Sources” if required.
  6. Complete the installation and access the app through app drawer.
  7. That’s all!

Fly GPS Previous Versions:

  1. Fly GPS 5.0.5 Latest
  2. Fly GPS 5.0.0

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