Easiest Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

When it comes to Android you can easily download Videos from several sources but iOS users have the very limited option or you can say it’s very hard to download video from social media. Today we’ll tell you the Easiest Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone. If you don’t want to use any third party app or Jailbreak tweak to download videos from Youtube, you can use the offline feature provided by Youtube. But when it comes to Facebook there is no such option, you can only save video but still need an active internet connection in order to see the video. Let’s start the method to download Facebook videos on iPhone.


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How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone:

  • Before moving on you need to download the app MyMedia from App Store.
  • Once the app is downloaded, Open Facebook on your iOS device.
  • Now search for the video you want to download, Play the video, then tap on the arrow to get the link to the video, Copy it.
  • Open MyMedia app, here you’ll be provided a browser, Open savefrom.net
  • Once the site is loaded, Paste the copied link from step 3.
  • When you enter the Video link you’ll be provided two options ( HD or SD download ) .Tap on any option and it will start downloading the video. ( If you face any issue with savefrom.net you can try downfacebook.com ).
  • Once the downloading process starts, you’ll be asked to name the video.
  • When downloading is complete you can find the video in Media tab.
  • If you want to save the video to your camera roll, Tap on the (i) icon and you’ll get the options.

Easiest Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone [ Video Tutorial ]

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