Do you Dare: 7 year old Chloe applies for a job at Google

Still deliberating and doubting your abilities on whether to apply for the job you have your eyes on? Well, take a page out of 7-year old Chole’s book and just go ahead and do that!

Chloe Bridgewater, wrote a letter to “Google Boss” to apply for a job at Google as she believes that it is the perfect place that she would love to work. Well, who said age and experience were the prerequisites for applying for a job, you just need to have guts to go ahead for what you want. Her letter indeed is quite interesting and unique and for  7-year she sure knows how to tell the best bits about herself and her aspirations. She wants go ‘swimming in Olympics’ and ‘is very good at spellings and reading’.

Well you would be thinking how did Chloe end up applying for a job at Google? Chole asked her dad, Andy Bridgewater, the best place one could work at. Looking at her interest in robots and technology her dad suggested Google, as it is known for its innovative work and amazing work place culture. Looking into the matter, Chloe deliberated and decided that she would love to work for Google as she can ‘sit on bean bags, go down slides and ride go karts’.

Surprisingly, Chloe got a response back from the ‘Google Boss’, Sundar Pichai himself, in which he encourages her ‘keep working harder and following your dreams’. As far as the job goes, she has gotten the heads up to apply again as soon as finishes her studies. Wow! what an amazing feat for Chloe.

Her father shared the letter on LinkedIn and informed that the letter has boosted her confidence and she has now doubled her efforts to get a job at Google.

Well we sure can learn a lot from Chloe, what she did was to take initiative. Instead of thinking about what she didn’t have, in her letter she highlighted her skills and the plans the she has for the future. Along with that how she with her tablet is learning to get a job at Google. The letter teaches us to ‘Dare‘ and go after the things that we really want regardless of our experiences, degree’s or certifications. So are you courageous enough to take that plunge and go after what you heart says?



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