Critical iOS 7 flaw and solution- Apple’s response

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While iOS 7 came with a lot of for-better new features, yet it turns out that it also brought a bug or two. One of these is a very critical flaw though!

Any iOS 7 user can bypass the LockScreen without actually unlocking the device. This is through the Notification Center or the Camera app. As it was earlier reviewed that the iOS 7 LockScreen gives you direct access to the LockScreen, turns out you can get into the Calendar or Alarm apps directly, without getting to unlock the device. Which-so-ever app you fire up, you long press the power key as if you wish to shut the device down. After cancelling that, double tap the home button to open the iOS 7’s new multi-tasking menu. But, you cannot access the apps that were running in the last session. However, you can roll-up the camera app and


go back to the gallery from where you can share the pictures on any social networking site, say Facebook. This gives people an open access to your social networking accounts. So, this is a REALLY big problem.

Major Bugs and Bug Fixes:

Not forgetting to mention that Apple has already put itself into action and promises to fix the issue in the next update. A report by Apple  has also come out that states that Apple expects some issues with the full-featured new software that it will fix for free. Some of the issues that were stated in the leak document were : As for iPhone 5S, Apple will cover removing debris that gets under the glass, problems with the pixels, a bent casing for the device where there is no broken glass or obvious point of impact, and a single hairline crack on the front glass or the back inlay. But it does not cover damage caused by liquids that is confirmed by the user, internal corrosion, chips and fractures on the glass, puncture holes and missing buttons. And don’t think about plugging the audio jack with gum for sport. Any damage to the audio jack that is the result of a foreign object placed in the hole will not be covered by the warranty. For the iPhone 5C, there are different warranty claims that the user can make. This is because of the different material used to make the devices. This is what the document said about the bugs and the bug fixes.

Solution to the above mentioned bug: (How to protect your phone)

If you can’t stand the vulnerability, one thing that you can do to protect your phone from getting accessed is to disable the Control Center from the LockScreen.

How to disable Control Center from LockScreen:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Control Centre
  3. Toggle of the “Control Center on LockScreen” button.

This solution, however, is not a long term solution and needs to be fixed by Apple asap.

To read a full review on iOS 7, click here.


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