How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery Life [ 10 Tips ]

Users of iOS, Nokia and Android phones are lucky to have such multi-purpose smartphones. No doubt these phones offer so much to do from instant messages, voice and video calls, selfies and listening to music to browsing web, using apps and playing games. No wonder with so much functionality, the phones are bound to consume battery and users are often seen complaining about battery life.

If you are one amongst million others, good news for you is that there are some useful tips that can actually help you conserve battery life. This can be extremely useful in situations where you can not charge your phone such as traveling. In these situations, what you can do at most is to try to minimize battery consumption.

In the following guide I’ll explain you how to Conserve Your Smartphone Battery Life.

How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery Life

How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery Life:

Turn Off Vibration Alert:

If you usually like to get notified by not only a ringtone but also want your phone to vibrate or just like to receive silent vibrate alerts while at a place you do not want to be disturbed, you might want to give the idea for at least the time you are planning to conserve battery. Vibration alerts demand more battery than normal ring alerts. So in order to conserve battery life, try to turn off vibration alert.

Adjust Screen Brightness:

Smartphones now come with auto-brightness settings, so instead of lighting your display on full brightness, you can instead keep it on low or select auto brightness. This will help in conserving battery life for longer.

Adjust Screen Time-out:

As with the case above, adjusting screen time-out to the shortest will also help you conserve battery life by turning off the display when you no longer need to use your phone.

Power Off:

If you think that you do not need your phone for a long period of time, it is actually better to turn your phone off rather than to let it stay in sleep mode. While inactive, the phone might still consume some amount battery.

Charge Appropriately:

If your phone runs on a Nickle based battery, you should charge it when they are at the lowest. The battery life of this kind is reduced every time you charge them. If your phone runs on a Lithium based battery, need to be charged as frequently as it hits 50% and have the longest battery life.

Close Apps:

Your phone has the tendency to multi-task and so it lets you use more than one app at a time. However, some users might just forget to close the apps after using them and they still keep running in the background.After using an app, make sure that you close it. You can also use apps like ‘Advanced Task Killer’ to do the job for you.

Disable GPS:

As you know, some apps consume more battery than the rest and GPS is one such app that requires sending and receiving location data for your apps like Facebook or Google Maps. If you let the app enabled and running in the background, it will end up consuming more battery. So, in order to conserve battery opt for disabling GPS and only enable it when you need to share your location.

Disconnect WiFi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth:

Another good option to conserve battery life is to disconnect from WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth when not needed. The reason behind this is that these connectivity tools are constantly busy in sending and receiving signals in order to maintain connection to the satellite or other devices which in result consume battery. You can also keep your phone in Airplane mode. If you want to use your WiFi or 3G, make sure to be in a place where you can receive good signal strength to prevent the device from constantly searching for signals.

Turn Off Notifications:

There are many apps that might be set to send you notifications from time to time. These apps also use up WiFi or mobile data for each notification they send in which reduces battery life. One option is to turn off notifications from these multiple apps to conserve battery.

Avoid Overheating:

Try to protect your phone from over-heating due to high environmental temperature or by directly placing your phone in sunlight. Over-heating is also one of the factors that cause faster battery consumption. In order to save your battery from dying faster, place your phone in a mild to cool temperature and protect your phone from exposure to heat.

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