How to Enable Privacy Guard on CM12 [ Tips ]

If you are running CyanogenMod 12 on your device and you haven’t enabled the privacy guard on your device then follow the instruction below in order to enable privacy guard on CyanogenMod 12. Privacy Guard allows you to set permission for individual app, if you are running stock rom on your Android device it doesn’t allow you to set permission of indiviual app for e.g on official rom when an app requires permission to access your location you simply cannot decline it. This is the main reason i like rooting my devices, you get to control everything on your device. Now lets start the process of how to enable privacy guard on CyanogenMod 12.

Before going any further you have to get a device with root access and CyanogenMod 12 installed on it. We won’t be needing any Pc or software to enable privacy guard on your Andorid device. Follow all the steps carefully in order to successfully enable privacy guard on CyanogenMod 12.


How to Enable Privacy Guard on CyanogenMod 12:

Step # 1: Open settings on your Android device.

Step # 2: Now scroll down and Tap on privacy.

Step # 3: In privacy settings search for Privacy Guard.

Step # 4: Tap on the switched button to enable the privacy guard.

Step # 5: Once its enabled you’ll see a list of all the apps.
Now that you have enabled privacy guard on CyanogenMod 12, after that you see the complete list of all the apps whom you can give permissions. Just tap on the app on which you want to set permissions.

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