City 2048 Apk – A Unique Version of 2048 Puzzle Game

We all are familiar with the Puzzle Game named 2048, where your goal was to make combine the numbers in an Even way to make a box which says 2048, start from the number 2 and goes all the way to 1024, combining two of 1024 tablets brings the 2048 tablet and you have won the game, otherwise keep going on and on, to make high score. The game also ends when there is no more room left in the game to make a move or there is no move left at all. 2048 is one of the best Puzzle games of all times, which lets you intact with your mobile, sometimes for hours.

City 2048 is a unique version of 2048, although instead of moving the numbers here and there, this time you need to move blocks to build a huge metropolis. Develop a city of your own and see what lies ahead. It won’t be as easy as it looks like.Right now the app is arrived at the Play Store, so better grab it before it becomes old. In this article, we will show you How to Download and Install City 2048 Apk, without further ado, let us continue.

City 2048 Apk - A Unique Version of 2048 Puzzle Game

Here is how you can download and install this apk file:

      1. Download City 2048 Apk – Download Here
      2. Download it directly on your phone, or download it on your PC and transfer it to your phone’s storage.
      3. I can assume that you haven’t installed City 2048 before, so proceed as normal
      4. Open the downloaded apk file on your phone, select the package installer and complete the installation process.
      5. Open the game and start building your city.
      6. If face any problem on the first start, don’t panic, it is normal.

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