Chipset Wars: LG may sue Qualcomm for redesigning Snapdragon 810 CPU for Samsung

The speculations around Snapdragon 810 chipset are getting hotter. A few days back we told you that Qualcomm was going to re-design the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 chipset for Samsung after they made the decision not to use this processor due to heating issues. Samsung was planning to use it in their upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 and made the decision to use their own Exynos chipset instead due to the heat emission issue. Yesterday we also reported the OnePlus will also be delaying the launch of their next device a bit due to this issue.

When Samsung made the claims about the heating issues with the chipset, its rival LG critiqued Sammys poor device design said, well the issue is not with the chipset but with the device design, and they had designed the LG G Flex 2 keeping all things in mind. LG wanted to show off their superiority of design through this statement.

Now the reports swirling in the Korean media suggest that LG may sue Qualcomm if they re-design the chip exclusively for Samsung. This move by Qualcomm can put their device LG G Flex 2 on line, as it was the first device to use it and such a move would reflect that despite serious issues the company used it. Not only would LG come under fire but also other manufacturers making use of this chip will also come under scrutiny. A statement given to Korea Herald by an analyst may add some more problems in LG’s plate.

Even though LG has dismissed the rumors of the controversial mobile processor, data showed that the G Flex 2 has some glitches caused by the problematic Qualcomm chip.

We do understand as to why Qualcomm would want to re-vamp the chipset, they do not want to lose their biggest client, Samsung. Industry analysts believe that Samsung is using this heat emission issue as an excuse to use their own chipset, the Exynos and they also say that it is Samsung that will benefit from the ongoing controversy around about Snapdragon 810 processor. Analyst from IBK Securities, Lee Seung-woo said,

The latest thermal issues involving its competitor’s product could be another opportunity for Samsung to increase its presence in the global mobile chip market. As a result, Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S6 equipped with the firm’s own system-on-a-chip Exynos will receive more spotlight than expected.

We will get more information regarding this issue in the next coming days, whether LG decides to sue Qualcomm or delay LG G Flex 2 and recall all devices and use the new re-vamped chip. Interesting turn of events wouldn’t you say so? Who do you think will win this battle ground and do you think will Samsung be able to set itself as a competitor for Qualcomm? Lets us know what you think.


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