Celebrating Android’s 5th anniversary

It was 5 years from today that the world  was put into a new tech era. It was T-mobile G1 and Android together who cracked the party crackers which seemingly never plan to stop throwing out excitement and entertainment.


T-Mobile and Google had been working for months and months with a small team in Building 44 in Mountain View, CA as they were preparing the world’s most growing software. Before the actual “Homescreen” could be designed, they had 9 different versions of it and still weren’t certain if they had seen the last and the final one. The Android team ( Hiroshi Lockheimer, Des Smith,  Keva NelsonDavid ConwayGrace KlobaPeisun WuErick TsengGerman Bauer – just to name a few) was itself as excited as the tech lovers were. The world was about to be changed, as the original Android team’s member says as he reports his experience, “We were about to change the world”. How well did he predict! It took them months before they could officially launch the Android and T-mobile G1. For the lauch and press release, 50 prototypes were presented of the G1.

Going back the memory lane, when the Android was launched, Blackberry was the talk of the hour and iPhone had just been launched nearly an year before. But, Android turned the tables. Now, Android is what the world cares about. I mean how many of you actually care about what Blackberry is up for?

Android_4.3_Jelly_Bean_on_NexusThe day Android was launched was a big success- just look at Android now. Android being an open source nevers forgets to excite coders and bloggers and hence has been growing ever since it was born. To have a glance at what Android actually is and where exactly does it stand today, take a minute to read through..

Google engineered Android and its own apps work perfectly on it. Android brings you everything that you can ever imagine or think of. It is a linux- based operating system that was unveiled in 2007, under the Apache license. The first Android device was sold back in October 2008. The green Android logo was designed by graphic designer Irina Blok.

It is an open source software that permits modification and reproduced by enthusiast developers. Plus Android has a large community of develops that are on their way to keep developing new apps that are based on Java programming launguage.
By the end of 2012 Android gave a huge range of 700,000 apps and an approximated number of app downloads wre reported to be 25 billion. More than 71% of the mobile developer population works on Android development. These figures make Android the most used operating system worlwide. Today, it has 1.5 billion apps which clearly shows how fast it is growing.

In a nutshell, Android is everywhere today. It is in the device I am holding right now. I can wear it on my wrist as a Smartwatch. I can play games, produce amazing peice of art with it, capture life, work and even write this post on it. Android devices being available in all sizes and falling in all price ranges tend to be the mostly used devices around the world.

Happy 5th anniversary, Android!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down the memory lane with us and found it informative.


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