Boost Your WiFi Signal With These Few Simple Steps!

All of the mobile network data packages are now been taken away with the coming of WiFi. WiFi provides the user with a much faster and liquefied internet experience. Almost everyone you know has a WiFi in his/her house! But if you are one of the people who are really very unhappy with the strength of your WiFi signal, then you might want to take notice of this. Today we are here to present you all with some simple steps or ways, when followed may significantly boost up your WiFi Signal. We have provided you with 3 major options. One is to use an external HotSpot, another one is to download and use an application on your Android device, and the last one being to simply upgrade/downgrade your existing Android device’s Baseband Number. So, let us get right into it.


Wi-Fi Booster & Analyzer – An App That Saves Your Day

Starting off with the most simplest procedure, we find it that installing and Android application, and tweaking a little bit in it can easily and efficiently boost up your existing WiFi signal a lot! WiFi Booster & Analyzer does so. Launching the application for the very first time will bring you to a page where you will be able to see the main graph. This graph is the network strength vs. the time interval one, which acts as an analyzer assistant to you. Below the graph, you may find useful information such as the  Wi-Fi SSID, the IP address and your device’s MAC address. But the thing that matters to us is the ability of the application to significantly boost up your WiFi signal. Hence, the application provide you with a boost option, which thus, boost you WiFi signal by making improvements in the current settings of your Android device. Downloading this amazing and utility application is as easy as it gets.

Click here to download WiFi Booster & Analyzer.

Also, refer to the following screenshots taken by me to get an idea.


Upgrading/Downgrading To The Best Baseband:

Just quickly hop into your About Phone data, and scroll all the way down to find for something called the ‘Baseband Number’. It’s not just any ordinary number. You may take a Baseband number of a device as its Radio Number. So, the more better the Baseband number is, the more better the signals it gives and takes are. To simply boost up your WiFi signal to your Android device, all you need to do is manually update or downgrade your Baseband number to its best form. You can search XDA-Developers for the best Radio or Baseband number for your device. This is not going to significantly affect your WiFi signal, but its going to help you boost it.


Installing WiFi Extenders:

This is probably the best and the most efficient way to increase and boost up your WiFi signal on this list. WiFi signals can be very much short if you stay in a big house. WiFi Extenders make it possible to re-create the same signal over again. So, even if you’re staying in a really big house, you can set up WiFi Extenders which will significantly double or even triple your signals strength. If you want one single WiFi network for  business purpose, then you can buy and install multiple WiFi range Extenders.

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