Here’s the best Tech you can get under 1 Dollar

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Technology has significantly improved over the past couple of years. With the coming of new and new electronics, ideas, and evolution, there have been a lot of tech items that tend to get a little bit overpriced. But, filling out the rest of the gap, we also see a lot of unnoticed tech items that won’t necessarily break your wallet. While it is a hard task to get the best tech items for under a dollar, we’ve done it, and we have some exciting items to share with you guys. Since what you get is just under a dollar, all of these items are indeed accessories, and not independent tech items themselves. Whatever the reason might be, here’re the best tech under 1 dollar!

Best Tech Under 1 Dollar

OTG Cable

Kicking off the list, we have a rather known type of cable. This is called as an OTG Cable, and is practically one of the best (if not the best) accessories that you can ever use with your Android device. This plugs in using your Micro-USB port of your Android device, and outputs a fully fledged USB Female port, the one which you find on your computer. Basically what this means is that you can use your Android device to furthermore increase its capabilities. With an OTG Cable, you now have access to anything that would perhaps use a USB connection to pair. For perspective, you can connect a wireless keyboard or a mouse combo, or hook up pen drives and external hard drives, USB lights, USB-powered speakers, and many other things. There are about an infinite possibilities when you have an OTG Cable alongside an Android device, you just name it. This is by far the best tech under 1 dollar.


Card Reader

If you are a video producer or photographer, then you most definitely know the significance of SD Cards. While the new era of smartphones has slowly shifted to faster means of storage, all the cameras and DSLRs out there still do use an SD Card. However, not many computers and laptops now come equipped with a card reader, right? In such a case, card readers come in plenty helpful. Some card readers provide you with an amazing set of options. You can hoop up a Micro-SD Card, the one you find in your smartphones, and even a normal sized SD Card, the one that most cameras use. One of the best advantages of owning a card reader is its ease of use and portability, you just slip it down your pocket, and you’re good to go.  Another great piece of best tech under 1 dollar added to the list!

Smart Key

A smart key is probably the cutest tech item you’ll ever lay hands on.  Basically what it does is act like a switch for your Android device. The smart key plugs in directly into your headphone jack, and once programmed using the application over at the Google Play Store, the smart key is all good to go. You can add specific functions to specified clicks of the button. You can add a lot of clicks to this one single smart key. For perspective, you can add up to 10 single clicks, and up to 3 long clicks, that totals to about 13 different commands, with just the press of a button. You can easily add shortcuts for launching the camera application, launching your favorite game, or texting client, so on and so forth. The only limitation is your creativity.

USB Light

Ever wondered how you could be saved by the dark with the help of a little tech item below a dollar? Nope, it isn’t an expensive flashlight. A USB Light is a great little accessory that can most definitely help you in times of needs. It takes in the output power from your laptop, computer, or basically anything that provides a USB port, and then throws in some serious amounts of illumination to your subject. This is mainly made for laptops which do not have backlit keys, and this can significantly help save the few moments when you desperately need some light. USB Lights are also available in a bunch of different colors, and the best part, they are flexible, meaning you can bend it in any direction you like.

Well guys, that’s been it for this article. If you guys have enjoyed our picks for the best tech under 1 dollar, then definitely make sure you check out the video on the same linked above!



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