Top 5 Best “Running” Apps For Android

Android has introduced many health related apps that are very handy for our daily life. They help us keep a record of our daily workouts and achievements, give us fitness plans to get to our goals and help us keep ourselves in shape and good health. Out of several ‘running; apps, here are the top five running apps for android users that can be very helpful for that matter.



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Endomondo has been able to make workout fun for you. It is like your personal trainer that fits in your pocket and keeps a record of what you do and keep you motivated for the next workout.

Through this app you can keep a log of the distance you have covered, speed, calories lost and many more aspects. It will notify about all these aspects after a few intervals during your workout so that you don’t lose your track. The fun part about the app is that you can set a challenge for yourself that is a great motivation in itself or join a challenge to win a prize.

You can stay connected with your friends, see their progress, send and receive audio pep talks and share your progress on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Endomondo Premium will facilitate you to keep a track of your heart rate and get a fitness plan from professionals.


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Its another running app which is very popular among Android users. It comes with activity trackers and smart scales. Along with keeping a record of calories that you burn, it also helps you keep a log of the calories you intake. This feature works great for the people looking forward to lose some weight. You can compete with your friends and use many other features for free.


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Runtastic can be said as your cardio trainer. It comes with the map feature, so along with telling you how many miles have you run it will also give you a picture of the track you have followed. The app is simple to use with just pressing the start button when you start the workout and press the map button when you finish and it will do the rest on its own. It has features like voice commands/cheering and auto pause.


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The android users should no more get disappointed as the Apple iOS Nike+ app is now available in your Playstore as well. The GPS accurately records your location, audio cues can be heard with in-app music and features like Cheers me up on and run share will make your workout much more fun. The shortcut icon on your home screen will show you when you ran last which will keep you motivated at all times.

Zombies Run

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Running could never have been as much fun as this app has made it to be. The app has introduced games with interesting stories like Zombie chase which will keep you going and you won’t even find your workout boring anymore. These games will make you sweat !  There are other game modes too for the people who love walking. So, if you are a user of Android 4.0 or later you can download this app from PlayStore for free.

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