Best note taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

There used to be a time when sticky notes were used for taking notes, you always had a pile of notes and when you needed the specific note you couldn’t find it, but the note taking is alot easier using iPhone and iPad, and for current generation handling a Smartphone is easier for taking notes instead of a pen and paper, An App for handling your notes is very less troublesome and it can help you organize and manage your notes, with the help of tags you can also make different categories and make your way to the desired notes quickly.



Evernote is most widely used app for taking notes, the best feature of evernote that other note taking apps lack is that you can sync your notes present in different platforms to one device and then manage them. evernote works on almost every device , Android phones,Computers,windows phone,Blackberry and iPhones, its features includes taking notes online, sharing them on your social networks,organizing to do list and reminders at a time.Moreover Evernote allows you to upload up to 60MB of data in the free version of app and using that storage you can also save voice notes and media attachments with your notes.

Accessing your Notes is even more easier, just write down the tag or topic line and the Note will appear.

Its a free App; Download it here

Note taker HD

Note-taker HD

This App Allows you to take notes with your own handwriting on the screen of iPad, its an amazing app which is greatly being used by journalists and freelancers to capture their ideas into words, the unique feature of this app is that it reduces the size of your handwriting into small font, as usually its very hard to write with small font on the iPad, this app also originates a video of your desired notes as a presentation that can be helpful while sharing notes with others, this app is capable of air print and you can also Sync your notes into Evernote.

This app is only for iPad Download it from here



Vesper is the most stylish note taking app that i have came across. its interface is very easy to use with features like attaching pictures with your notes,Using this app is very easy; making notes arranging them you can carry out these functions easily, other great thing in this app is the arrangement of notes in the app, its like a big menu with more important notes prioritized at the beginning and as we go down we can see the less important notes, Notes can appear in as much menus you like you can do this by using tags, Vesper support image attachment but audio files can not be attached with the notes, the Export options Include sharing via SMS and email, it doesn’t have social networks sharing options but you can just copy the notes easily and share them any where you want, its a very decent app unlike other fancy apps , its has very quick response and its efficient for taking notes,

This App Is Only for iPhones and iPads For Now; Download it here

Simple Note


As the Name suggest this App is Simple but very efficient, if you like it simple then here is the app For you , it has a very simple interface for taking notes, this app allows you to sync your notes and share them on your webpages and social networks, It is an Universal App for iPhone and iPad users

Its regular version is free but its add supported, premium version costs 19$ per year and it doesn’t have ads and have more syncing options

Download it here

This is the list of the best Note taking apps I could find for iPhone and iPads, if you know some other great app for this Use do share with us in the comments.



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