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Apps have become a norm in the society that we live in and is part of our everyday lives now. In the initial stages a company called Palm released a set of mobile devices which were classed as the first smartphones. Some would dispute this saying that the IBM Simon was the first smartphone which had an email app, a calendar and a notes section. But in comparison to today’s smartphone it was very bulky and not extremely efficient in carrying out it’s processes.

However, at that early stage what the general consensus was that mobile phones should be more productive so the design was to have built in applications. Technology has evolved to such a stage that now apps are common place and with them being profitable from a commerce point of view a lot of businesses have invested heavily in their own applications.

This is a quick look into the best android apps which can be extremely useful in today’s environment.



This app allows us to be kept informed about times of movies in which we can expect certain things. These expectations can help us to plan some breaks or as the title of the app suggests, when a bathroom break can be taken in a movie so that we do not miss much of the scope of the Movie.



This app turns your smartphone into a fully-fledged remote control for your TV. There is also an extensive list of tv listings. The drawback is that these listings are only geared towards the US and Canadian markets.



Knowledge is power and we often forget some basic trivia when we are trying to locate a movie. The most in-depth movie database on the marketplace is this app. It serves the purpose of deciding whether a movie is worth watching as well or locating on video portals such as NetFlix and the likes.

With Businesses more on than ever reliant on mobile communication and constant on the move it is important to consider apps which can enhance productivity. A few apps that can help someone experience an increase in productivity are.



A Great App which enhances productivity massively. As the product is continuously improving the app is a must have for anyone who looks after projects and is mindful of being organised. This app helps people from relying on a custom built PC all the time which they need to access just to check their workload and ongoing tasks.



Even though it is a to-do list app it synchronizes this with your location and can help you to prioritize meetings or actions if you are at a particular location. This ties up very seamlessly with the overall productivity tasks for any given task.



One of the leading apps on the market is Mint. Backed by a financial venture capital firm it had the funds to grow its usefulness and allow features that other apps simply could not offer. It offers a way in which people can manage their money effectively and easily. It merges all the spending and can help with budgeting in a very positive manner.

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