Automatically Manage Screen Time-Out with KinScreen


Have you ever cursed your smartphone for turning off the display while you’re reading a e-book or surfing Internet? Well, it wouldn’t do you any good as the standard Screen time-out options are not that advanced in Android ecosystem. If you set the screen time-out to longer duration, it could effect the battery performance of your device and if you keep the time-out shorter, you’ll get annoyed by frequent screen off. The other option is to set the time-out duration as per your task but this would be hectic in our daily lives.

Well, you don’t have to get annoyed by this at all, as we will show you an app which will smartly manage screen time-out based on your usage. KinScreen is a light-weight application that automatically manages the screen time-out on your smartphones. The app uses a couple of sensors like motion and proximity sensors on your device to make sure the screen is on whenever you’re doing something with your device. Here’s how the sensors are used for this app to works:

  • Motion Sensor – The screen is kept on by motion detection of the device. Small movements are detected from you just holding the device. The screen will time out quickly when motion is not detected to save battery. Motion is ignored when the device is facing up on a horizontal surface. This allows the screen to time-out when placed face up in a moving car or on a table with vibrations.
  • Proximity Sensor – The screen will time out quickly when the proximity sensor is covered, whether in motion or not. Be careful not to cover the proximity sensor while holding the phone in landscape! The screen is also kept on by waving over the proximity sensor.

KinScreen is a simple app, with a plain interface to configure the time-out settings on your device and moreover it’s just a one-time configuartion. I’ve been using it for a while and it does what it boasts. It haven’t interfered the call behavior, gaming or with any of my daily chores. Most importantly, it wasn’t heavy on my device’s battery life or CPU & memory utilization.


After installing the KinScreen app, you need to calibrate the sensors for the first time so that they’ll have an origin to compare the movements. So, set your device on a stable surface, open the app and tap on calibrate from the app menu. It takes 10 seconds for the app to calibrate the sensors on your device for optimal performance. The app sets a persistent notification in your notification bar which is a bit annoying but you can turn it off the app settings. Just click on Toggle Notification and toggle the Show notification check-box in the next page.


So, if you want to check out this cool app, dowload it from the Google Play Store link.

Do let us know if KinScreen helped you with the screen time-out problem on your Android smartphone.

Naveen Robsworth

Naveen is a tech enthusiast with a deep interest in Open Source software and Operating Systems. Freelancing and learning new technologies are his motives. His Pen name Robsworth reflects that his talents are worthy to be robbed.
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