ASUS PB287Q 28-inch Monitor With 4k Single Stream

ASUS PB287Q Monitor is build from the ground up to give gamers, prosumers, videographers, content creational, professional as well as productivity focused users and ultra high definition monitor experience. The monitor offer extensive features and wide level of display connectivity. Moreover, it brings display adjustment flexibility with amazing image quality. The monitor design includes 10 bit TN panel that offers you 60hz display port operation and 1ms response time. The industrial design looks clean, modern and elegant and works great in about any desktop environment. The monitor compliments all users equally.

ASUS PB287Q 4K Single Stream 60Hz Display


Key Specifications: 

Ultra HD Display

  • The monitor native highlevel resolution of 3840×2160. It offers 1ms response time. The monitor include entirely brand new panel that gives 10bit color support. It gives solid color reproduction and good grey and black scale levels.
  • It gives 157ppi which will produce sharp and extremely details images.
  • The entirely new OSD system with advanced image adjustment further enhances the value and usability of the monitor. It also includes the EyeCare modes that reduce blue light and DC backlight implementation.
  • The monitor works equally well in reading emails or playing hardcore games in high resolution.
  • LSD on screen display has been entirely re-vamped so users are able to access and navigate more easily and have a better layout and understanding to specific features they want. It has specialized presets which offers wide range of scenarios whether it is gaming, reading or keeping monitor on in a low amount of light.


  • The monitor offers a huge range of adjustments;
  • The monitor gives height adjustments as well tilt, pivot and rotation so you will be able to set up the monitor as you wish to.

ASUS EyeCare Technology

The DC backlight implementation allows a significant reduction of levels occurred in the day in and day out usage. This is the new flicker-free technology. With the help of DC adjustment backlight, it clears out the distracted flickers on the screen leaving users with comfortable viewing experience.


  • The monitor supports one full HDMI connection. It also has a secondary HDMI which also supports MHL specification which is useful for the people using smartphone or tablets which supports this.
  • The DP connection is most recommended as it gives you a high bandwidth to experience sluggish motion scenes in 60Hz refresh rate.
  • In addition to that it has a line input based connection and also a line-out to connect speakers or headphones.

Settings for Professional space:

QuickFit technology

QuickFit on-screen alignment grid overlay helps to align and preview actual sized photos and documents on screen prior to printing thereby adding to the flexibility and productivity aspects of the display.

Splendid Modes

  • The monitor can be adjusted to different modes as required. The modes offered include standard mode.
  • Scenery mode increases brightness thus producing more contrast gradations for more lush landscapes.
  • TheatreMode enhances the color contrast and saturation delivering livelier and vivid visuals.
  • Game mode brings out dark, hard to see areas while leaving the well lit regions untouched.
  • Night view raises Y-luminance to highlight poorly lit details capturing each scenes beauty.
  • Reading mode gives you the experience of reading an actual book by adjusting the light.
  • Dark room mode gives soft, ambient light environment for visual pleasure.


The monitor is now available in the market for $649 in US and $699 in Canada. The monitor is build for all types of users, it can be used for all purposes and gives the best experience for all types of activities. It knows your mood and can be adjusted by position or display in any way you like to. Moreover, additional features like EyeCare technology and DC backlight are a cherry on top.

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