Apple might introduce an “all-glass enclosure” for its iPhone 7s

You might have already heard rumors that Apple might introduce a design similar to iPhone 4 for its upcoming flagship. However, recent rumors claim that the decision might have been moved up to next year, i.e for the iPhone 7s.

A well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, stays true to his previous claims which claim that the Cupertino company wont be revealing a major design update this year, instead the iPhone scheduled for next year will featured with the iPhone 4 like design with AMOLED display and all-glass enclosure.


iPhone concept by nowhereelse and Martin Hajek

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Lets have a look at some controversies surrounding the aforementioned claim by the KGI’s security analyst.Firstly, the statement regarding the timing of the expected redesign. You already know that Apple is maintaining a trend of completely redesigning its flagship, every two years. But according to Mr Kuo’s claim, Apple will hold on to the iPhone 6 design for one more year, thus disrupting the tradition. Needless to say, if the rumors are true, Apple might face difficulties in selling their new flagship which features a design similar to its predecessors.

Although we already have seen Curved glass in recent flagships by Samsung and some other major manufacturers, an “all-glass enclosure” might still be a long way ahead. Of course, a handset with a body completely covered with glass will be something amazing to see, but don’t forget that such design will come with its own drawbacks. For instance, the smartphone might get considerably damaged with a simple act of mishandling. Note that using a protective case for this design isn’t a commendable solution as it’ll kill the aesthetics of the device with no metal bands around it.


On the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo is also claiming that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 Plus will be offered in different variants. There will be a special edition of the 7 Plus (which might be called iPhone 7 Pro) that will, allegedly, feature a dual camera system on its back. These lens are to be manufactured by Sony and are expected to be of 12 megapixels each. One of the lens will host a larger aperture than the other and will be accompanied by OIS. The other lens will be equipped by 2-3x optical zoom. Note that almost a year ago, Apple was given a patent for the exact photographic setup mentioned above.

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