Apple iPad Plus: Specifications and Images Leak

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With smartphone display size increasing and falling into the hybrid ‘phablet’ category, manufacturers now need to redefine the role for tablets and its usage. In the past few months we have seen companies reworking their strategy related to their tablets by increasing their size and making it more domain specific. We saw this in the case of Toshiba, which introduced a 24-inch tablet for the business community and Sony is reportedly manufacturing a 13-inch Xperia Z4 Ultra Tablet, equipping it with high specs for avid gamers. Now Apple after tasting tremendous success by increasing the display of iPhone is applying the same strategy to its iPad line up.

The upcoming tablet, which will be called the iPad Plus will feature a 12.9-inch display and will have a 2k resolution. Apple is working on a slimmer sleeker iPad, the leaked specifications suggest that the device will be 7mm thin and will weigh only 700 grams. A 11000mAh battery will power the iPad which is a 150% increase in battery power of what the current iPad Air 2 uses. Protective cases for the iPad Plus will also be produced.

The Weibo post also adds in interesting information that Apple will be keeping the iPad mini 2 and instead of bringing out iPad Mini 3 they will bring out iPad Mini 4. There are also rumors that Apple is working on a 4-inch phone, for all of those unhappy customers who are not happy with the new size iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple previously denied the claim of working on a mini handset but the rumors refute this claim. In a couple of months we will see what is Apple cooking.

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