Apple ID Password Reset & Iforgot iCloud Apple Security [ How To ]

Following are the instruction on Apple ID password reset and iforgot iCloud Apple security. 

Apple ID and iCloud ID are the necessary things for iPhone user’s and if somehow you forget your Apple Id password or forgot iCloud security questions etc, then it will cause a headache for you. Apple has never compromise, when it comes to security so you have to very careful with your Apple and iCloud ID details. In the following guide, I will tell you what to do when you forgot apple id password or forgot my Apple ID or iforgot iCloud.


What to do when you forgot apple id password:

Step1: Open ( on your browser.

Step2: Click on “Reset your password.”

Step3: Now enter your Apple ID and click on Next.

Step4: Choose “Answer security questions”. Next.

Step5: Now carefully add your date of birth associated with your Apple ID and click on next to answer your security questions.

What to do when iforgot Apple security questions:

Step1: Open ( on your browser.

Step2: Select “Manage your Apple ID” -> Sign in.

Step3: Click on “Password and Security”.

Step4: Since you forgot your Apple ID security question click on Forgot the answers?.

Step5: Now choose your new security questions.

Step6: Add your rescue email address and click save.

What to do when “Forgot my Apple ID”:

Step1: Open

Step2: Provide Apple information as show on the screen.

Step3: IF the information provided by your is correct, check your email to see the instruction.

Apple ID Password Reset Instructions:

  • First open ( – “Manage your Apple ID” – sign in.
  • Now select “Password and Security” -> “Choose a new password” -> Change password.
  • Enter your old password, then a new password-> confirm-> Save.

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