Apple files a patent application for fingerprint sensor embedded in the display of the device

Apple recently filed a patent application with U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the display of the device. To date Apple and the other manufactures use a fingerprint sensor scanner which is integrated in the home button of the device. It seems that Apple wants to stay ahead of the competition and they seem to be working on introducing this technology sometime in the near future.

A fingerprint sensor is incorporated in a display stack in an electronic device…. The fingerprint sensor can be implemented as an integrated circuit connected to a bottom surface of a cover sheet, near the bottom surface of the cover sheet, or connected to a top surface of a display. Alternatively, the fingerprint sensor can be implemented as a full panel fingerprint sensor.

The patent application has a slew of images which show how this concept will be executed. The patent description tells that the technology will be able to register four separate prints simultaneously. Well leave it to Apple to go full throttle with this concept and introduce the multiple fingerprint scanning ability. How this is supposed to work is that the a thin fingerprint sensing layer will either be positioned above or below the display of the device.

One of the functionality given in the application suggests that uses will be able to ‘”simply press a finger onto an icon placed on the display for scanning related to a user’s ID”. This means that all Apple is working on integrating the functionality of the given concept to advance levels, that users will to only be able to use this aspect for security of their device but also for some apps as well.

Well we have to admit that it is a cool concept. We will have to see how Apple works this out. Maybe we will see this functionality introduced in the next iPhone or some other device.






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