Android N’s improvements in performance, security, and productivity described

Android N has been under spotlight since its first Developer’s preview was launched back in March. Although we already have seen most of the upcoming features of the new OS, the company released some necessary details regarding the performance, security and productivity today on their I/O Keynote 2016 taking place in Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. Note that Google has already released a new smart messaging app (Google Allo), a new video calling app (Google Duo), a new Virtual Reality platform (Google Daydream) and a brand new model of its wearable smartwatch platform (Android Wear 2.0) in the same event.



It goes without saying that the non-delayed software updates are essential to maintain security of one’s device. Thus Android N now comes with a feature which will automatically download software updates (when available) and install them the next time your device powers on. Note that all this has now been automated, thus relieving you of hectic and lengthy installation procedures.

In addition to that, Android N will be featured with file-based encryption for its users data. Moreover, major sub-systems like codecs and file extractors have now been given separate protection. These steps would surely and considerably enhance the security of the whole device.


The Android N will come standard with a support for Vulcan which will allow game developers to come up with high-graphics games while maintaining maximum performance. This is possible due to the direct access to GPU with the help of Vulcan. If you haven’t heard of Vulcan before, it is 3D graphics which compute API with considerably low overhead, like on various platforms. In other words, Vulcan 3D provides enhanced visual experience with real-time water effects, realistic motion blur, reflections and many other effects. Note that all this is made possible in a highly efficiently way, which means that the device’s performance capabilities won’t be compromised.


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Considering the fact that performance not just means better gaming experience, the new Compiler in the upcoming Google Android N comes with an amazing performance upgrade between 30 – 600% as compared to Android Marshmallow. Note that these figures are based on multiple famous CPU benchmarks. This should also be mentioned that the new JIT compiler allows 75% faster app installations while reducing the space required up to 50%. Other features include the ability to write compiled code for app’s next run and removal of ” Apps are upgrading” dialog, usually encountered after software updates. These features add up to make Android N the best performing and efficient OS by Google yet.



To make sure you enjoy using your smartphone, Android N comes with many new features which drastically increase the productivity of one’s smartphone. First, the OS provides a better recent apps screen with automatically clearing apps that haven’t been used from a long time. Also, the Clear All button has been brought back, owing to popular demand. In addition to that, a Quick Switch feature has been introduced which allows you to switch between the last app you were using and the one active currently, just by double tapping the recent apps button.


Google also made sure that their new OS gives an amazing multi-tasking experience to its users. Android N supports split screen mode for tablets and smartphones, and it can be activated just by long pressing the recent apps button. This action allows you to open another app while keeping the current app active in the upper half of the screen. This will allow you to work simultaneously, like taking notes while watching a video for instance. On the other hand, a Picture-in-Picture mode for Android TV can allow you open a video over another app.

That’s not all folks, the redesigned notification UI allows quick replies and notification blockings/muting. In addition to that, Google added 72 new emojis for chat lovers.

Release date

Google announced that the new OS, Android N, will be made available for customers come this fall. However, a new beta version will be released in the near future. So stay tuned for the latest news.

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