How To Use ADB Sideload to Sideload Custom ROMs, Recoveries and MODs

How To Use ADB Sideload to Sideload Custom ROMs, Recoveries and MODs

  1. Make sure that you’ve installed ADB & Fastboot drivers or Minimal ADB & Fastboot drivers.
  2. Now open your respective ADB & Fastboot drivers directory. For ADB & Fastboot, you will open the ADB SDK Manager > platform tools folder which is under your installation drive. For Minimal ADB & Fastboot drivers, you will open your installation drive > program files > Minimal ADB & Fastboot folder.
  3. Now copy your desired .ZIP files in the mentioned folders depending on the installation that you’ve made. i.e. Platform tools folder or the Minimal ADB & Fastboot directory.
  4. Now open the ADB folder and hold the shift key on your keyboard. While holding it, right click on an empty area and click on “Open command window here”.
  5. Now connect your Android phone to your PC having the USB debugging mode enabled.
  6. Now in the command window, issue the following command: adb reboot recovery.
  7. This will reboot your phone into the recovery mode. Otherwise you can also reboot your phone into recovery mode using the button combination depending on your device and then connect it to your PC.
  8. Now on your device, in the recovery, select the ADB Sideload mode as follows.
    • TWRP Recovery: Advanced > ADB Sideload
    • CWM Recovery: Install > Install Zip from Sideload
  9. Once you’ve started the ADB Sideload in the recovery mode, push the following command into the command line interface:
    • adb sideload
  10. Replace the filename with the name of the .zip file that you’ve placed in your ADB folder. The command should look something like:
    • adb sideload or adb sideload
  11. Upon pushing this command, you will find a progress running inside the command line. One the progress comes to an end, disconnect your device and reboot it.ADB Sideload
  12. That’s all. You’ve successfully sideloaded your desired file on your phone.

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