AMD Kaveri Mobile APU a Competitor of Intel Core i7 and i5

Kaveri has come up with their new APU and has promised to deliver good CPU performance and very impressive graphic performance along with it. These are not designed to go hand in hand with Intel’s Haswell parts. The reality is they are not designed to necessarily do the same things. They come in around the $200 mark and they aim to provide decent frame-rates in games without the new dedicated graphics card as well as to provide truly next generation compute performance.

AMD Kaveri Mobile APU review

It is said to be AMD’s most advanced APU which uses almost half of the entire die area for the GPU. This will focus on the game and CPU performance. Kaveri has brought up world’s first and only APU with HAS features and proved to give amazing graphic performance on-chip.

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AMD Kaveri Mobile APU review 1

  • It is highly power efficient with a long battery life and cool and quiet computation.
  • The A-8-7600 has an unlocked 65W or 45W TDP. So the ability to manage power consumption and silence the system at the cost of CPU clockspeed is great. This makes the system intelligent on die power management.
  • When Intel’s Corei7-4500U was compared with FX 7500 Chip with 12 cores it delivered equivalent performance with apps and 50 percent better performance with Graphics.


The GPU will supports mantle which raises games to higher level with hyper-efficient performance.

Compute Cores

Unlike Intel, they have introduced heterogeneous architecture system. This will allow the CPU and GPU to access the entire memory space which is upto 32GB. The most powerful mobile Kaveri has 12 compute cores; 4 CPU and 8GPU. They have the capacity to jump to 3.6GHz at Max Turbo and can operate at base frequency of 2.2 GHz.


In a test it was shown that During Battlefield 4, 1080p low/med details, the A8-7600 reached 29 frames per second and A1050k about 39 Frames per second. Whereas, Intel7 4770k had 12 FPS.


  • It consists of four cores with High end of upto 3.7 GHz and turbo frequency 4.0 and Low end hitting 3.3 GHz with 3.8 turbo frequency.
  • The A-8-7600 has an unlocked 65W or 45W TDP. So the ability to manage power consumption and silence the system at the cost of CPU clockspeed is great.
  • Kaveri platform will use the FM2+ socket and not the old FM2 socket motherboards.
  • GPU architecture supports DirectX 11.2 gaming API.


Kaveri has included two features;

  • Steam roller is the next gen CPU architecture. Steam-roller  based cores get more work done per cycle than Piledrivers.
  • GCN is the Graphics core next is the code name for their Hawaii architecture.


Kaveri Build its Kaveri processors using 28nm manufacturing process. This makes it capable to pack more transistors in the same amount of space and less power consumption which will elongates the battery life.

AMD Kaveri Mobile APU review 2


Kaveri has used TrueAudio, audio processing technology for better and enhanced sound effects through headphones, hearing more range of voices and multi-directional sounds. TrueAudio sets a new level to immersion.

  1. Steamroller x86cores
  2. Graphics core Next with Mantle
  3. HAS Features
  4. Up to 818 GFLOPS
  5. DirectX 11.2
  6. UVD 4.2, VCE 2.0
  7. DDR3-2133 Memory support
  8. PCl express Gen 3
  9. AMD TrueAudio Technology
  10. 12 Compute Cores


The reason it works so is that in normal APUs the CPU and GPU had to work separately and then exchange send back and forth to each other. Whereas, Kaveri features HSA that allows the CPU and GPU to work on the same task without communication overhead. It is like Google docs where everyone can work on the same tasks and get it done at the same.

Another interesting things is that anything coded with open CL 2.0 will support HAS and coding for CL 2.0 will actually be easier. Its going to provide a very comfortable gaming experience and low to medium settings in modern games with a $200 processor and you can upgrade it in the future.

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