‘Always on display’, Samsung’s upcoming feature revealed

Samsung is coming up with a new feature “always on display” in its upcoming flagship models, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. We recently received a copy of the application which has been submitted by Samsung to trademark this term. This suggests that this new feature will most probably be present in the upcoming models.

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Now we already know that Samsung uses Super AMOLED display, especially for its flagship models, which consume very less power. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they use this technology to display essential information like date/time, notifications, weather or even news even when the phone is in locked status. This will allow its users to get the information with a short glace at their phone rather than completely unlocking their device first. Samsung has submitted this application for trademark to USTPO so that they can trademark the name of their upcoming feature: Always On Mode.

Although Motorola and Nokia has used this feature for their smartphones with different names, it is a good thing that Samsung is thinking about this too. As mentioned in the specifications and features of upcoming Galaxy S7   that these upcoming phones are expected to be introduced with larger batteries, therefore ‘Always on Mode’ might just prove to be very useful feature.



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