After iPhone 6 Plus Now Samsung Galaxy S4 Bend Test On Video

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In last 24 hours all I’ve seen and heard is that iPhone 6 Plus get bent by applying a bit of pressure. That is not good at all and Apple have to work on this to fix it and i am sure they will be doing. Since Apple and Samsung are in fight to get the crown so since iPhone 6 Plus getting bent news got viral a new trend started, people are trying bend test experiment on different device to prove that their device is best. After iPhone 6 Plus now its time for Samsung Galaxy S4 Bend Test.


First of all I am against this bending stuff i mean you are using a mobile and its not designed for such type of stressful predicaments. If Apple iPhone 6 Plus is getting this issue then it should be fixed no doubt it will impact a bad impression on Apple user’s but what’s wrong is wrong.

Please Share your thoughts with us in comments. What do think about this bend test videos.

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