6 best things about Android 7.0 Nougat

With Android 7.0 Nougat now officially official, there’s no one more happier than the Google Nexus users! Every year, Google excites all of us with the latest and greatest that it has to offer in the form of a new Android version, and this time, it did not fail to impress us! Yes, Android 7.0 is now a thing, and it has officially been labelled as Nougat for its lifetime. While some people are still on Android Marshmallow, and some have tasted the goodness of the Android N Developer Preview, some are yet to take the best advantage of Nougat on their devices.

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If you really can’t wait to look out for the new features that Android Nougat has to offer, then look no further! In this quick read, we have the top 6 things that make Android Nougat the best Android version till date. Most of these were announced at Google I/O this year, while some are new additions to the final public release. Before we begin, we warn you Apple users, prepare for the burn.

6 Android 7.0 Nougat Tips & Tricks

1. Better Performance

At the Google I/O this year, Google announced the new Vulkan API support in Android Nougat. This drastically improves  the performance of even your older devices. Another new addition is the whole VR environment with Google Daydream. This is one step into Googles take in mobile VR! The new JIT Compiler will help open and run applications seamlessly with no noticeable lag anymore. Above all, Google has promised faster, and better updates from hereafter. Android N -1

2. Battery Optimizations

Although Doze was introduced as an incremental feature with the release of Android Marshmallow itself, it has been significantly improved in Nougat. Now, Doze not only works to conserve battery when your phone is idle, but will also try its best to reduce consumption while the phone is in use. There is also going to be a new tweak for better management of background data.

3. Easier Notifications

Google got it all wrong with the notification area all the way back in Android Lollipop. While it has increased the majority of the problems with Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat brings better management of notification and system sounds. You now have bundled notifications, one-tap replies, and even more.

4. Productivity Tweaks

Android Nougat has a lot of good and new features that help productivity to be at its maximum. Google has finally integrated split-window mode in Android Nougat, and it is better than ever. Moreover, the double-tap on the Recents button helps you to seamlessly switch  between applications.  Android N -2

5. UI Improvements

Finally, you can set a separate wallpaper on your phone’s lock-screen. The quick settings have also been redesigned for easier access and customization. The Settings application now has a nicely laid out overview for making navigation simpler. You now have much better emergency information settings. Google has also included a built-in dark mode which will replace all the white elements in Android with a  darker shade, which is good for your eyes.

6. Other Features

There are a lot more little features in Android Nougat that make it the best version around. Some of these include direct boot which takes no delay to reboot your Android device, better security and encryption to ensure that the files stored on your device stay safe. There are a lot newer emojis after the Unicode 9 update. Android Nougat also has a vast scope of languages for all the locales living. Android N -3

That’s all folks! Hope you guys enjoyed the major 6 updates that Android Nougat has brought about in the ecosystem. Obviously, if you separate all the tiny features, then the list would go uncountable. We are excited for Android Nougat to roll out on all the Android devices trending around! Share your opinions on the same below!

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