Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Upcoming Iphone 8!

We are all anxiously waiting for the release of iPhone 8, and have been following every bit of details we can grab on. Therefore, it’s time to sum up the story for you all who are biting their nails and waiting for Apple iPhone 8 to get released. While the iPhone 8’s due date of release is two days after, 8th September, the smartphone looks promising with the news about its wireless charging feature, face recognition and no home button.

When is iPhone 8 getting released?

Although the due date of launch of iPhone 8 is just around the corner, but the company claims that the supply of smartphones might be limited during first few months. Therefore, the delay can occur. Nonetheless, iPhone 8 is going to start selling a week after the product is launched.

How expensive is it going to be?

As we can predict, the iPhone 8 is not going to be very cheap. It is going to be around 1000$ worth of phone. What else did you expect? We are talking about the latest version of Apple iPhone here.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 8 – what new it has to offer?

Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to have an A11 and is going to be super-fast. It has a price of £800 and is going to be around 144mm tall. Let’s look more into what it has to offer!

Appearance of Apple iPhone 8:

As rumored, the smartphone will be available in 3 colors. These colors are white, black and copper or gold. The news has it that iPhone 8 might come in a new color that is Blush gold. But we would have to wait and watch!

Display of iPhone 8:

We have quite a lot of clues regarding how iPhone 8 is going to look like. According to rumors, the Apple’s phone has been designed to look like a flat glass. It will have edge-to-edge display. It will have a 5.8 inches wide screen with OLED display. Another interesting feature about this phone is that it will come without any home button and will make use of 3D touch. Getting rid of a solid and physical home button and coming with virtual home button is indeed innovative.

Facial recognition:

Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to have a super-fast infrared scanner with a facial recognition software to unlock the phone. According to sources, it has a 3D camera. Moreover, the feature of facial recognition can be employed to mute your iPhone whenever you want to.

iPhone 8 and Wireless charging

iPhone is going to get rid of all the cables and wires as it will also not have a headphone jack.

Applie iPhone and SmartCam

iPhone 8 is going to have a “SmartCam” inside it which will be able to differentiate between different objects.

iOS 11

iPhone 8 is going to be equipped with the latest iOS 11, a software that has enhanced Apple Pay and safety features, an emergency SOS option and driving mode.

Final Verdict:

We therefore anticipate that the brand new Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to be a big and happening thing of year 2017. Apple has not disappointed its users until now in term of apps or performance. With the news of wireless charging, augmented reality directions and no home button, we are predicting iPhone 8 to be revolutionary in all ways!

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