4 Ways To Connect Android With Car Stereo

Following are the different ways to connect your Android device with Car Stereo. While driving music is must thing and all of us listen music specially on long drives, we can use different methods to connect our device with Car stereo system. 

connect Android car stereo

 of the new cars are coming with the technology which allows us to easily connect our device with our car system, you can control central locking, use Wifi, make calls and read texts and much more. But not all the cars have the latest technology by default. If you are one of them try the following methods to connect your Android device with car stereo.

1 -Auxiliary Jack:

Auxiliary Jack is the oldest method in the books, you can use Aux Jack with all of the cars. Every manufacturer add’s Aux Jack port with the stereo systems. All you have to do is buy an Aux Cable insert one side in your device and other in stereo system, start enjoying the music. If you don’t see any Aux Jack port at the front side of your car stereo system no need to worry, you’ll one behind your car stereo system.

2 – USB Port:

Now a day every car has a USB port with its stereo system, all you to do is connect your device using data cable and you can easily access your device music.

3 – Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the most effective way to connect your device with car Stereo if your car supports Bluetooth connection all you have to do is go to device “Settings” > “Network Connections“> Bluetooth>discoverable. Now set your car stereo to find a Bluetooth device, tap on the Android device. Here you go, enjoy music or making phone calls wirelessly.

4 – FM Transmitter:

This is your last option all you have to do is buy an FM Transmitter, it allows you to broadcast audio from your Android over FM frequencies. You can buy any FM Transmitter, no need to buy an expensive one.

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