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A new 2D game that has gone viral and is toppling the charts in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Flappy Birds is that kind of tough game that will let the so called gaming geeks to once wonder about how to play it and how to tackle it. A very small sized game and packing up low quality graphics definitely puts everyone in thoughts what’s special. Well, once you play it you’ll definitely laugh or get frustrated and hit your phone on the floor. I highly recommend the people with less patience not to try out this game :D.

Ok, the game is available in the app stores, but how about giving a try on a Windows PC or MAC? Well, in the following post we are going to have a look on a method to get this game running on desktop PC. It’s a good chance for those who do not own an Android or IOS device and still want to play this game, just move a little forward with us and get this game on your PC. Let’s have a look at the short description.

Flap your wings to fly…

[How to play]
> Tap to flap your wings to fly.
> Avoid pipes.
> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)


How to Download and Install Flappy Bird on PC:

      1. You need an Android emulator to run this game on your Windows PC or MAC. We recommend using Bluestacks. Use our guide to install it on your PC.
      2. After downloading and installing Bluestacks, Download Flappy Bird APK file.
      3. Open the downloaded APK file now, and let Bluestacks install it.
      4. Open BlueStacks now > All Apps > Flappy Bird
      5. The game will start now, follow the on screen instructions.
      6. Follow the initial screen,  you’ll be able to play it.
      7. Tap the screen by clicking inside the game frame.
      8. Enjoy the most tough game ever!
      9. Don’t forget to let us know about your high score.
      10. That’s All!

Flappy Bird on PC cutt

on PC Flappy Bird CUttFlappy Bird for PC   

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  • Kim

    why black screen? cant play :( please help me to solve this..

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_7IIOwvNfzj:disqus it takes some time to load here. Please give it a few mins and you’ll be able to go ahead.

  • Usama Mujtaba

    @disqus_7IIOwvNfzj:disqus uninstall and then reinstall bluestacks. See if it works or not.

  • xael

    i love it I just needs to go faster

  • Alphaskater

    Yes really nice