ANDROID 5.0 Key Lime Pie; Release date and Expected Features

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Google Has started Baking ANDROID 5.0 key lime pie,The Android 5.0 is currently looking to be released in October 2013,All we all know now is that, Google is on its way to  unleash the new beast, and it’s development has started from the name of  dessert-related code-name  key lime Pie.. we presume this speculation would be resolved on 29 October 2012 however until now there’s no official word from Google.


iOS users have always considered themselves a step ahead than android users because of its crash rate and bug report ratio is considerably very less and it is near to impossible that a iOS interface is corrupted by a virus where as Google has been learning from their mistakes and they are keen to introduce a new operating module that is expected to be flawless.. Android 5.0 key lime pie is to be released this year..The first device with Android 5.0 is said to be Samsung Galaxy Note  III. Android lovers have many expectations from this version.

Expected Features:

  • Performance Profiles:Android-50-Key-Lime-Pie

Profiles For Different Purpose and Occasion like at night when you want the brightness to be less and dont want unwanted callers, For Gaming Max Power Delivering option,Another power strip style widget for phone performance profiles would be an easy way to access these functions

  • Better multiple device support:

Switching between your smartphone and tablet will be easier, there will be a better connection through Playstore that one app you buy can be downloaded on your other Devices.

  • Line-drawing keyboard options

Google is thinking to upgrade its line drawing app, Swype which it quite dumb when it comes to predicting words.

  • A video chat app

Why isn’t there a Google Live See My Face Chat app of some sort as part of Android? Is it because we’re too ugly? Is that what you’re saying, Google? .. In the Answer google has decided to make their pre-installed app For Live Video Chatting.

  • Multi-select in the contacts

ever Noticed that you can not select multiple contacts at once on your android phone when you want to send a text or email you have to select the contacts individually

  • Cross-device SMS sync

Whenever  you Change the Device the only things that is left back is SMS, new Android 5.0 has a a solution for it;  if you change your Device Quite alot you can backup your SMS in your Gmail account and then access them again on some other device.



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  5. jayson says:

    Not quite interesting. Was more of expecting power house features!!

  6. Usama Mujtaba says:

    @timothymowens:disqus i would like to correct you here, Google Keyboard is not included in the Android OS at the moment it is an apk – and you can install it in your phone manually. But Google is going to install the in-built Swype Style keyboard in Android 5.0. It is available by different companies in their phones pre installed but Google is going to integrate it’s very own this time.

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  8. […] – not the long rumored Android 5.0. Rumors have suggested that Android 5.0 will be named as Key Lime Pie. The name has been confirmed live from google’s new page for Android 4.4. Google and KitKat […]

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  10. Nikhil says:

    Yewww… I am not going to buy a new device just for Multi-select in the contacts… Not surprising… Expecting more…

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