12 Android TV Games Topping The Charts

Gone are the days when you will have to struggle with playing your HD games with hefty graphics on your Android smartphones. Now is the time for the Android TV which has been recently released and now has given an opportunity for all you enthusiastic gamers out there to experience ultimate gaming!  Even better than its rivals like Google TV, the Android TV gives you an ideal platform to play all the thrilling Android games! But, which ones can you play on the Android TV? Well! Get your controllers ready and get geared up for playing some really awesome Android games on your Android TV!


1- Unleash Your Fantasies With The Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VI, And IX

Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VI, and IX is definitely the first one in our list, as this series is enthralling and captivating in terms of its plot, graphics and characters. Every part has multiple hours’ long story. This makes the game a whole lot more interesting. You can explore the various treasures by side quests. The game has really good background music and is easy to use with great controller support.

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2- Complete The Tasks In Grand Theft Auto!

GTA is definitely one of those nostalgic games of the Rockstar Games which brings back our childhood memories. GTA’s various versions have been released and each one comes with better tasks and plot to keep the gamers hung over this game.  There are around 5 GTA games, out of which 2 are the smartphone games. GTA is absolutely one of the most popular Android TV games.

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3- Get Into Some Real Action With Inferno 2!

An arcade shooter game, Inferno 2 has been lauded by all the gamers because of amazing graphics and sound effects. The sounds of explosions and vibrant colors of the game, combined with the action, is a perfect mix for a gamer. The game has a lot of drama and thrill with you playing as a space ship and annihilating everything that’s coming your way! Inferno 2 runs without any interruptions or hangs. It has more than 80 levels and different levels of difficulties.

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4- Fight Back With King Of Fighters ’98!

Are you a kind of gamer who loves fighting games? If boxing and kicking is your thing, then this retro fighting game is for you! It has more than 38 interesting characters that you can choose from. Moreover, it also has a multiplayer mode. The graphics may not be as good as the newer games. But old is definitely gold, and gamers love this Android TV game for sure!

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5- Score The Buckets With The Classic NBA Jam!

NBA Jam, the popular basketball game of 1990’s, is now available on Android TV.  With two-on-two basketball and some serious competition going on with the opponents, this game puts you on fire! You can now fulfill your passion of scoring and pushing your rivals in the court by playing NBA Jam. You can play this game online. It has the multiplayer modes and also a single player campaign. Good luck with the basket!

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6- Take The Revenge With Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee

You might have heard about this game decades ago, but now it’s back with a bang! This game has been refurbished and improved with better features, and this is now available on Android. It can be played on the Android TV with consoles. The storyline and plot of this game are really cute, as Munch the frog is at the brink of extinction and is furious to take revenge from Abe. This game has the element of fun and humor, which will keep you glued to your seat!

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7- Show Off The Hidden Legend With Pewdiepie: Legend Of The Brofist

As funny as the name of the game is, so is the game itself. Featuring various popular YouTube stars, this game requires a lot of serious skills to master it. It is a mix of rough fights, challenges, interesting characters, music, and a lot of adventures which make this game all the more attractive to play!

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8- Shoot Like Never Before, With Pew Pew 2!

Who doesn’t like action and drama when it comes to gaming? This minimal arcade shooter game has been popular among gamers because of its vibrant colors, challenging blockages and enemies chasing you like crazy! Unlike ordinary arcade games, this game has a good plot, combined with diverse game modes, and Android TV support. Don’t waste a minute and try it!

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9- Race Wild With Real Racing 3!

Do you like chasing the cars and speeding through the roads? If you are a gamer who is passionate about road rage, then this game is for you. Having impressive graphics, 140 splendid cars, 17 diverse racing car tracks and multiplayer modes, this racing game is one of the best of all the Android TV games. It’s worth every minute of your leisure time for sure!

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10- Take Your Inner Child Out With Super Phantom Cat!

Are you a fan of short and sweet games? If yes, then this game is interesting and fun! Super Phantom Cat comes with intriguing characters, various levels and controls, and even more. It is basically a freemium game. You can play this game with small kids, and enjoy your family time with them!

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11- Solve The Puzzles With The Eleven Telltale Games!

Not a fan of single games? Don’t worry! Telltale Games are a pack of eleven games that you can play on your Android TV. Previously famous for games like The Walking Dead, this game makes use of the episodic mechanics. With the most captivating stories, mind-boggling puzzles, and smooth graphics, this game is a whole lot of adventure!

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12- Take Your Inner Hero Out With This War Of Mine!

Are you a fan of games which require strategy? Well, This War of Mine is the game you have been looking for. This game demands attention and smartness from the gamer. It is a survival game where you have to defend and save the lives of people. You start the game being a civilian in a war zone. The game absorbs all your focus and energy. If you think you are a Brainiac and make good decisions, then go for this game!

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We hope that this top 12 list of fun and adventurous Android TV games is going to help you out in future while picking up the games to play. With loads of bad guys, strategy, puzzles and story-lines, all of these games have been topping the charts. Turn on your Android TV, and happy gaming!

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